Neal Broverman

Neal Broverman is the executive editor of The Advocate, spending more than a decade at the revered publication. He indulges his interest in transportation and urban planning with regular contributions to Los Angeles magazine, and his work has also appeared in the Los Angeles Times and USA Today. He lives in the City of Angels with his partner and their chiweenie.

The state senate passed legislation making it easier for foster and adoption agencies to reject prospective parents for being LGBT. 

February 23 2018 8:01 PM

Seen by many as the Queen of Pop's artistic zenith, the album was the personal soundtrack for many Gen X queers.

February 22 2018 6:05 PM

The aldermen denied a permit for the parade and offered no explanation why.

February 21 2018 2:33 PM

A woman who claims to have overcome her lesbian leanings spoke at the nation's most prestigious university, but she didn't receive a warm welcome.

February 19 2018 12:27 AM

The "March for Our Lives" will pressure politicians to finally address the nation's scourge of gun violence.

February 18 2018 12:55 PM

The out journalist sees huge significance in Friday's indictment of over a dozen Russians, accused of working to wrest the presidency from Clinton and hand it to Trump.

February 17 2018 7:24 PM

The 17-year-old boy has been subjected to cruel treatment from his father, who told him to kill himself.

February 17 2018 4:46 PM