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The adult film star who was alleged to have been paid hush money for an affair with Donald Trump has confirmed her sexual identity.

January 17 2019 2:26 PM

Fans of the Weeknd have used his association with Halsey as evidence that he's not misogynistic or biphobic, but his lyrics tell another story.

January 14 2019 4:54 PM

The L Word premiered 15 years ago this month in all of its addictive, messy lesbian glory. 

January 09 2019 7:11 PM

The Riverdale actor spoke for the first time publicly about his past during a panel for the series at the Los Angeles LGBT Center. 

January 08 2019 1:44 PM

The Fosters’s spin-off expands the notion of family — and increases visibility for queers of color and bisexuals.

January 08 2019 5:06 AM

Prominent GOPer Bruce Ash went on a misogynistic, biphobic tirade against the duly elected senator.

January 07 2019 3:53 PM

Coachella has gotten pretty queer over the years, but it's nothing compared to the lineup one Twitter user has lesbian and bi women fantasizing about. 

January 03 2019 6:01 PM