A homophobic and transphobic Daily Mail op-ed has sparked outrage for calling Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black's baby announcement a misogynistic "publicity stunt."

February 16 2018 8:24 PM

The conservative blogger dismissed Olympic protests of the Trump administration as "the cool thing for athletes to do now."

February 15 2018 5:03 PM

The bisexual writer of World of Wakanda reflects on queer erasure, representation, and the media reaction to her lack of invitation to the Black Panther premiere.

February 15 2018 7:11 AM

Charles in Charge costar Alexander Polinsky said Baio hurled slurs at him constantly and talked about “gay sex acts that he told me I would grow up to perform.” 

February 14 2018 3:47 PM

Vice has fostered a culture of sexual harassment and gender disparity for years, and now it could be open to several class action suits. 

February 13 2018 7:56 PM

Beards and gym memberships are among the reported "traits" of gay men.

February 12 2018 4:39 PM

Fox exec John Moody had claimed that the U.S. was emphasizing diversity over competitiveness. 

February 09 2018 6:57 PM