St. Martin and Caribbean Queens


Upon announcing plans for trip to St. Martin, a cultured colleague corrected my pronunciation and informed me that it’s actually St. Mar-teen (with a long e sound and emphasis on the last syllable). As it turns out, both are correct, as the half-French, half-Dutch island hums with two distinct cultures, governments, and currencies.

Tucked between the Atlantic and the Caribbean, St. Martin is colloquially called the “Friendly Island.” From airport security to taxi drivers to tour guides to passersby, the locals consistently greet visitors with eye contact and a genuine smile. Most residents speak English as well as French or Dutch, so it’s easy to get directions, order in restaurants, and communicate generally. With 80 different nationalities represented in the population today, St. Martin makes for an integrated, warm, and welcoming vacation spot for LGBT travelers.

Whether you’re craving some good old-fashioned rest and relaxation to recharge your batteries and reconnect with your partner or wanting an active week of water sports, culinary adventures, gambling, and exploration, this little island has it available at all price points.


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