Fall Gay Getaways

Fall Gay Getaways

Summer is officially in our rear view mirror and the holiday season not quite yet in reach. If that leaves you with pangs of boredom, why not take a quick trip? Weary of the hustle and bustle of your big city? Venture out to your nearby wine country. Are you bored with seeing all the same bars and faces in your small town? Then try an action-packed weekend in a new-to-you metropolis. We've compiled a range of places to cut loose, become one with nature, and everything else in between to break the autumn homebound blues. And if we've missed any of your favorite refuges, leave them in the comments below.


Vancouver, Canada

Just a hop, skip, and a jump across the U.S.-Canada border, Vancouver is an easy drive from Seattle, but in some ways, it feels like a world away. Vancouver is one of those cities that just immediately feels like a vacation. A walkable city with equal parts dining, shopping, parks, lakes, jogging and hiking trails (and so on), Vancouver boasts a vibrant gay scene. But you can spend a week in Vancouver (or nearby Victoria, which looks like a European city at a third the distance) without immersing yourself in gay culture and have an equally enriching experience.


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