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Aruba, Curacao, and a Private Island: 4,200 Lesbians Cruise to the Caribbean

In the 40 years since Olivia was founded, it's transitioned from Olivia Records (which recorded the first album produced by an all-women team, released 40 albums, and sold over a million records) to Olivia Travel (the largest company in the U.S. aimed at lesbians). Since it became Olivia Travel in 1990, the company has taken nearly 200,000 women on cruise, resort, luxury, and adventure vacations to all seven continents. 

The Advocate joined the Olivia women on the 40th Anniversary Southern Caribbean Cruise, a set of two cruises that went to Aruba, Curacao, and a private island in the Bahamas in January and February. More than 4,200 women were joined by 20 entertainers (from women's music legends Cris Williamson, Teresa Trull, and Meg Christian to comics Vickie Shaw, Kate Clinton, and Elvira Kurt) and a handful of powerful lesbian leaders including tennis legend Billie Jean King, DOMA plaintiff Edie Windsor, military pioneer Col. Margarethe Cammermeyer, and, in a surprise appearance, former Army colonel Tammy Smith, who was promoted to brigadier in late 2012, making her the first general officer to come out while serving, post-"don't ask, don't tell."

“This is the biggest celebration Olivia has produced to date," said Tisha Floratos, Olivia’s vice president of travel, calling the cruise a "giant reunion, entertainment extravaganza, and tropical vacation all rolled into one.”

Here's our look inside the Olivia experience.

BillieJeanKing JudyDlugaczx633

Tennis legend Billie Jean King  (far left) and Olivia Travel founder Judy Dlugacz (second from right) with friends

EdieWindsor JudyDlugaczX633

Edie Windsor (left) and Judy Dlugacz


Some women behind the scenes at Olivia

CaraKing MariaBertcciX633

Cara King took her partner, Maria Bertcci, on her maiden voyage. This was King’s 12th Olivia Cruise. The couple have already booked two more trips: Italy/Greece and Buenos Aires/Rio de Janeiro. 


A group of cruisers feeds stingrays.

Cc Carters Curvalicious LadieX633s

C.C. Carter's curvalicious ladies

6F U7ZUbNpoN09 Silanox633

Dancer Sarah Bush (far left) and comic Dana Goldberg (third from right) join fellow performers and Olivia peeps on formal night.

A QdbtrepjX07MQ Silanox633

Could they be any more dapper?

YR8r5FyF7eBU4A Silanox633

A group of gals gets down at the white party night.

ElviraKurt JulieGOldmanX633

From left: comics Elvira Kurt, Judy Goldman, and a sexy mystery woman

DAfP NiG0gDX1FUL Silanox633

Playing rubber ducky at the poolside


The women from Sisters at Sea strike a pose. Olivia’s women of color program, Sisters at Sea, is among the company’s most popular. There’s a much-loved Solos program too, where unencumbered women can travel with other singletons.

RosieKoch MarilynShanahanX633

Two women who traveled from Florida’s lesbian village, Carefree Resort, to the Olivia Cruise, which took off in Fort Lauderdale. Rosie Koch and Marilyn Shanahan were on their first Olivia cruise.


Smiles over beer


Learning to ride during one of the excursions


Does this boat make my visor look big?


Rock on, ladies!


Sharing a kiss over dinner


Back with those donkeys

Audrey Rhonda And Steph In The Oceanx633

Audrey, Rhona, and Steph get wet in the Bahamas.

Comic KarenWilliamsx633

Comic Karen Williams (second from right) and friends are all smiles.

DQf 15zeMW Silanox633

Who doesn't love a little 'stache?

DsFe4ary8tJydx  SILANOX633

Stephanie, Olivia's copywriter, strikes a pose with friends on formal night.


Rocking the do and the oceanic scene

C1fcSzouP2q6cZ Silanox633

Bikinis ahoy!


Dressing up for '70s night. Feeling a flashback?

Lesbian Comicsx633

The crew of lesbian comics, including Gina Yashere, Lisa Koch, Michele Balan, Julie Goldman, Vickie Shaw, and more.

J66tHdq7HkpNjE3 SILANOX633

Doing the Hustle (OK, a more modern version of it) at the club on '70s night

TerriLynnDelk RobinLoweryX633

The Advocate wasn’t the only queer publication on board. Robin Lowey, founder of Epochalips, a multicontributor blog for lesbians over 40, was there too. Some of the Epochalips contributors (who include Meredith Baxter, Vicki Randle, Jewelle Gomez, Marga Gomez, and more) were also on board, including Kate Clinton. Lowey’s here with musician and producer Terri Lynn Delk from We Want the Music Company, producer of the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival.

YoliFarnum MaryGayHutchersonX633

Yoli Farnum and Mary Gay Hutcherson were among 70 lesbians from Carefree Resort who traveled together on the Olivia cruise, wearing matching “Carefree Cruisers” T-shirts. “We chartered the bus and it came in the community to pick us up at the clubhouse,” says Hutcherson. “Much of the community was out to see us off and there were women lining the streets waving goodbye, but someone had to stay home with all those pets. We stopped in the Everglades at a bus stop and the driver was heard calling his wife and saying, ‘You won't believe this, but I am driving a busload of lesbians and they are very nice and they have a beautiful community.’ When we got to the port and saw our ship with the rainbow flag flying a cheer went up!” Carefree Resort is an all-lesbian community of about 500 in the winter and about 150 year-round. “Totally cool place!” adds Hutcherson.


Comic Julie Goldberg (center) gets sandwiched by two lovelies.


Two hotties toasting the nightlife


All smiles on the beach

Performers MichelleBalan SweetBabyJaiX633

Olivia Travel's founders Judy Dlugacz and Rachel Wahba (third from right) party down with performers Michele Balan and Sweet Baby Ja'i and friends,
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