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It's Complicated: LGBT India Since 2003


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November 7, 2013: Nolan Lewis, or Mr. Gay India, urges those in countries like India not to lose hope because of oppressive laws that criminalize homosexuality. "I was afraid that I would be ridiculed or criticized, but when I returned to India, people gladly appreciated me," he says. "I think India is beginning to understand the LGBT issue."

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January 28, 2014: A policeman looks on as LGBT activists demonstrate against the Supreme Court's reinstatement of section 377, a law dating from India's colonial era that banned gay sex, in Bangalore. India's top court rejected a plea filed by the government and activist groups to review its shocking ruling.


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April 29, 2014: Celina Jaitly, a Bollywood actress and former Miss India, says she will not stop fighting for LGBT rights, even though she and members of her family have received death threats. Recently, she was named a United Nations Equality Champion and appeared in a pro-gay Bollywood video.


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