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People, Places, and Events That Shaped Us in 2012

Alan Chamberx633

The New “Ex-Gay”
After “ex-gay” umbrella organization Exodus International dropped its promise to “cure” gays and lesbians and its president, Alan Chambers (pictured above), told OWN’s Lisa Ling he believes gay Christians are indeed going to heaven, religious zealots left the organization and a backlash began. Chambers and his ilk still offer ways to “reconcile” internalized homophobia (like marrying an opposite-sex partner regardless of physical attraction). But that wasn’t enough for Focus on the Family ex-gay poster boy Jeff Johnston, who came out and endorsed a new, more vehement ex-gay group called Restored Hope Network, which, according to Slate.com, “intends to replace Exodus International as the preeminent group in the country and return the party line to telling gay people that they can become straight.” At its (most likely fabulous) kickoff party, Johnston reiterated that gays are “sexually broken” people who can’t have real relationships.


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