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The 10 Queerest Moments in Comics of 2014

Archie Comic Deathx633 0
Archie Takes a Bullet for Kevin
Well, that's grim. In an alternate universe storyline, Archie gets gunned down while saving his gay friend Kevin Keller. After serving in the military, Kevin became a senator and pushed for gun control after his husband was involved in a shooting.


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Alan Turing Graphic Novel Funded
Artist Elizabeth Fernandez took to Kickstarter to fund a comic book about the life and times of gay hero and codebreaker Alan Turing, and she exceeded her goals in November. Stretch goals include a bonus minicomic about Ada Lovelace and a nice World War II bookplate. Keep an eye out for the Lovelace book in 2015 and the finished Turing book at the end of the year.

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Complete Collection of Fearful Hunter
Gay comic creator John Macy came up iwth Fearful Hunter in response to Proposition 8, and he's been releasing the series in chapters for the last few years. The story focuses on a love affair between a werewolf and a druid in a fantasy world that intersects our own, and it's super-sexy and super-smart. This year Macy released a deluxe hardcover and digital edition and a paperback edition with the entire collected story and some bonus tales from other queer and queer-adjacent creators.


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