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These Stars Want LGBTQ Youth to Know Their Lives Matter

Abbe Land X633 0
Abbe Land
The Trevor Project’s executive director and CEO

On the most important way we can battle bulling of LGBTQ youth:
The most important step we can take, and what the Trevor Project does, is encourage people to talk to us. Whether that’s talking or chatting or texting, however talking appears for you, that’s the most important thing — making every way of talking available to youth.

Skylar Kergil X633 0
Skylar Kergil
(Transgender artist, musician, and YouTube personality; Youth Innovator Award Recipient)

On the most inspirational advice he’d heard on overcoming bulling:
Someone once told me to think about what bullied my bullies into bullying me and to really open my eyes and think about the fact that they’d probably received some sort of hatred that was coming back to me. That’s when I realized it wasn’t about me and my existence, it was about someone else needing to let out their anger and frustration. In that way, bullies may not change, but you and your environment will change. That’s why staying true to yourself is all that matters.  

Phoebe Tonkin X633 0
Phoebe Tonkin
(The Originals)

On how LGBTQ people have inspired her:
I was around a lot of different people when I was a teenager, and the ones that were closest to me inspired me to trust that I should be honest with myself and my family. Of course, that doesn’t just apply to people who are working out their sexuality, but in life as well. Being able to be true to yourself is what my [LGBTQ] friends taught me as a young woman at the time who wasn’t sure who I was either in any walk of my life.


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