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  • Editor in Chief: Zach Stafford
  • Executive Editor: Neal Broverman
  • Social Media Editor: Daniel Reynolds
  • Feminism Editor: Tracy E. Gilchrist
  • Copy Chief: Trudy Ring
  • Interactive Art Director: Christopher Harrity
  • Plus Editor in Chief: Diane Anderson-Minshall
  • Vice President, Development: Eric Bui
  • Front End Developer: Mayra Urrutia
  • Manager, Digital Media: Laura Villela
  • Pride Editor in Chief: Raffy Ermac
  • Staff Writer, Pride: Taylor Henderson
  • Senior Editor, Special Projects: Jeffrey Masters

The Advocate

  • Editorial Director: Diane Anderson-Minshall
  • Deputy Editor: Jacob Anderson-Minshall
  • Managing Editor: David Artavia
  • Associate Editor: Desiree Guerrero
  • Copy Chief: Trudy Ring
  • Feminism Editor: Tracy Gilchrist
  • Assistant to the Editor: Donald Padgett
  • Contributing Editors: Alexander Cheves, Charles Stephens, Zachary Zane, Tyler Curry-McGrath
  • Contributing Writers: Dr. Evan Goldstein, Michael Musto, Dana Rudolph, Ron J. Suresha, Brenden Shucart, Mark Segal, Brynn Tannehill, Jacob Ogles, David Duran
  • Creative Director: Raine Bascos
  • Print Production Director: John Lewis
  • SVP, Publisher: Greg Brossia
  • Assistant VP, Integrated Sales: Stuart Brockington
  • Executive Director, Integrated Partnerships: Ezra Alvarez
  • Senior Director, Ad Operations: Stewart Nacht
  • Ad Operations Manager: Tiffany Kesden
  • Senior Coordinator: Michael Tighe

Integrated Marketing

  • Designer: Michael Lombardo
  • Director, Branded Partnerships: Jamie Tredwell
  • Associate Directors, Integrated Marketing: Eric James, Michael Riggio
  • Sr. Manager, Branded Partnerships: Tim Snow
  • Finance/Accounting

  • James Ilario, Wayne Holland, Betsy Skidmore, Lorelie Yu
  • Social and Branded Content

    • Director, Audience Growth and Analytics : Jocelyn Smith
    • Editor, Social Media: Daniel Reynolds
    • Social Media Editor, Ian Martella
    • Social Media Editor, Christine Linnell


    • Director of Circulation: Argus Galindo


    • Office Manager: Heidi Medina

    Pride Media

    • Chief Executive Officer: Orlando Reece
    • Chief Finance Officer: Janelle Mitchell
    • EVP, Advertising and Branded Partnerships: Greg Brossia
    • Corporate Executive Vice President: Bernard Rook
    • Vice President: Eric Bui
    • Human Resources: Antiouse Boardraye