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Daniel Tietz Says AIDS Funding Cuts Are Especially Sharp for Men of Color

Op-ed: AIDS Funding Cuts Especially Sharp for Men of Color

As we approach the XIX International AIDS conference, ACRIA Executive Director Daniel Tietz looks at the lack of funding for AIDS even as more infections hit populations of men of color. Why is that?

OpEd Hate Could Be Motive in Tragedy That Hit Texas

Op-ed: Hate Could Be Motive in Tragedy That Hit Texas

The founder of Truth Wins Out says when gays and lesbians are victims, police should never be quick to dismiss hate as a motive.

Director of New Ways Ministry Sees Growing Abuse of Religious Freedom

Op-ed: The Growing Abuse of 'Religious Freedom'

The executive director of New Ways Ministry argues that Catholic bishops are disguising bigotry as religion.

Op-Ed: Cyndi Lauper on Ending LGBT Youth Homelessness

Op-ed: Cyndi Lauper on Ending LGBT Youth Homelessness

Singer, philanthropist and activist Cyndi Lauper says it's time to give a damn about LGBT youth homelessness

Filmmaker Says Texas Police Chief Went From Hatred to Hero

Op-ed: Texas Police Chief Goes From Hatred to Hero

The documentary filmmaker who followed the saga of the Rainbow Lounge raid in Texas three years ago says one of the story’s villains has changed.

The Real Verdict We Want to Be Healthier

Op-ed: The Real Verdict? We Want to Be Healthier

Regardless of the ruling, being healthier is the single most important step toward curbing health care costs.

A Gay Dad Explains Why He Would Hire an Illegal Immigrant Yet Again

Op-ed: Why I'd Hire an Illegal Immigrant Again

Arizona resident John Waldron and his partner never intended to hire an illegal immigrant as a nanny to their two sons, but they would proudly do it again.

Op-ed: Reasons for Pride and Shame

Op-ed: Reasons for Pride and Shame

It’s Gay Pride week in New York, and this year we have a lot to celebrate. But we also still have a long way to march.

Couple Engaged at White House Shocked by Hate in Response

Op-ed: Shocked by Hate Generated by Our White House Proposal

The transgender man, Scout, who proposed to Liz Margolies at the White House, explains why the hateful reaction they got from some quarters is more dangerous than it might seem.

Writer Dan Steadman Is In Search of Homo Hospitality

Op-ed: In Search of Homo Hospitality

One cliché about homosexuals I warmly embrace is that of us being a hospitable people.  My mother, a Baptist pastor’s wife, showed us how to treat guests visiting our home.

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