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From Showgirl to CEO: Trans Businesswoman Angelica Ross Tells All

Trans Businesswoman Angelica Ross Tells All

The former lounge singer tells The Advocate how she survived sex work and a suicide attempt, found spirituality, and made peace with her mom.

Op-ed: How 'The Danish Girl' Helped Me Discover Myself

Op-ed: How The Danish Girl Helped Me Discover Myself

The author of the book upon which the new Eddie Redmayne film is based reflects on how uncovering trans pioneer Lili Elbe's story helped him define his own art.

Black Trans Woman Ashley Diamond Released from Prison After 3 Years
August 31 2015 9:26 PM ET

Ashley Diamond Released After 3 Years in Men's Prison

After serving more than three years in a men's prison, where she reported repeated rapes, the black trans woman was released to family members in Georgia today.

Op-ed: Jazz Jennings Is TV's Unsung Trans Heroine

Op-ed: Jazz Jennings Is TV's Unsung Trans Heroine

Caitlyn gets all the attention and publicity, but TLC reality star Jazz Jennings may be doing even more for visibility.

WATCH: Antigay Kentucky Clerk Inadvertently Married This Queer Couple

WATCH: Antigay Ky. Clerk Already Married This Queer Couple

The antigay clerk saw the trans man and his pansexual wife as 'just another straight couple' when she signed their marriage license in February, say Camryn and Alexis Colen.

He Said, She Said: Getting Candid With Cait

He Said, She Said: Telling Cait, 'Don't Be a Stupid' Woman

Jenny Boylan goes from being friend and adviser to making some very candid comments, in a downright tough talk with Cait.

Woman Who Died in Caitlyn Jenner Crash Is Reportedly Being Sued

Lawsuit Targets Woman Killed in Caitlyn Jenner Crash

The driver who was killed in the crash involving Caitlyn Jenner is being sued by the people who struck and killed her.

South Dakota Keeps Trans-Inclusive School Sports Policy

South Dakota Keeps Trans-Inclusive School Sports Policy

However, legislators may challenge it — even trying to require genital exams.

Cathy Brennan Sues AfterEllen for Defamation
August 31 2015 3:01 PM ET

Lesbian Attorney Sues AfterEllen for Defamation

Radical feminist activist, blogger, and attorney Cathy Brennan claims a San Francisco writer 'maligned' her in an online post about MichFest, lesbians, and trans women.

WATCH: Best Moments From Laverne Cox’s TimesTalks

The Best Moments From Laverne Cox’s TimesTalks

The trans actress spoke to The New York Times on a host of topics, the likes of which include her new documentary Free CeCe and the injustices trans women of color face in America.

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