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What Would Maura On Transparent Think of Caitlyn Jenner?

What Would Maura On Transparent Think of Cait?

When award-winning actor Jeffrey Tambor met television critics Monday, he was asked what his character on Transparent would think about the transformation of Caitlyn Jenner.

Op-ed: Why the Equality Act Is So Important

Op-ed: Why the Equality Act Is So Important

A lawyer working for transgender employees says that the proposed Equality Act remains very necessary, even with growing LGBT protections.

Trans and Other Marchers Block Seattle Street, Protesting Immigration Policies
August 03 2015 9:04 PM ET

Trans Marchers Join Immigration Protest, Block Seattle Street

Government contracts with private prisons provide an incentive to round up immigrants, they say.

Trailblazing Publication Provides Schools With Guidance to Ensure Secure Environments for Transgender Students
August 03 2015 10:27 PM ET

New Guidance for Schools to Help Transgender Students

Providing safe and supportive places of learning for transgender students from kindergarten through high school is the goal of this new teaching tool. 

Op-ed: Let's Take the Terror Out of Transitioning in School

Op-ed: Let's Take the Terror Out of Transitioning in School

Schools shouldn't be afraid to look for help when it comes to accommodating trans students. LGBT advocacy and rights groups are here to help, writes HRC's Ellen Kahn.

He Said, She Said: Privilege Check On I Am Cait

He Said, She Said: Privilege Check On I Am Cait

This week, the former Olympic hero struggles with her masculine-sounding voice, makes new friends and reveals more about her conservative political worldview.

Florida Man Charged with Murder for Transgender Woman India Clarke's Death

Florida Man Charged With Murder in Trans Woman's Death

Keith Gaillard, 18, has been charged with first-degree murder and possession of a firearm for the death of India Clarke, a 25-year-old transgender woman of color in Tampa.

Op-ed: Why This Trans Woman Doesn't Want to Ban Drag, But Say 'Thank You'

Op-ed: Don't Ban Drag, Say 'Thank You' Instead

The controversial decision to exclude drag performers from a pride festival in Scotland raised not only eyebrows but also the ire of a transgender writer who credits drag with inspiring her transition.

Amanda Lepore's New Album Remixes Her Greatest Hits

Amanda Lepore Remixes Her Greatest Hits

The transgender singer says the remixes in I... Amanda Lepore: Make Over Sessions bring 'new life' to classics like 'My Hair Looks Fierce.'

The True Meaning of the Word 'Cisgender'

The True Meaning of the Word 'Cisgender'

It's not complicated: Cisgender is the opposite of transgender.

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