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Read the latest opinion pieces from political leaders, activists, and everyday queer people who want to express themselves in the leading publication for LGBTQ+ news and politics. Discover what people from our community have to say about issues and topics that touch the lives of the LGBTQ+ people and their allies. Find the voices of the people shaping our queer world right here.

We Won’t Be Erased

As a witness to history, I believe we will overcome the attacks on transgender identity because we’ve come out in the tens of thousands and tasted freedom and equality.

A Call to Action for Trans Youth on Transgender Day of Visibility

We must keep fighting for civil rights for all transgender youth in order to provide the justice they deserve.

Equalpride's Commitment to the Resilient, Inspiring Trans Community

Mark Berryhill, CEO of equalpride, on the importance of Transgender Day of Visibility.

This Trans Woman Founded a New Nation Free of Hate

Equalpride's own Marie-Adélina de la Ferrière tells us why she created a micronation for her and her chosen family.

Now Is the Time to Support, Encourage, and Love the Transgender Community

"When we create environments for transgender people to thrive, we create a society where people can live the lives they deserve to live."

Here's a Message of Trans Joy in These Challenging Times

While it may sometimes seem like being trans means a life of hardship, we know that the reality is that being trans is beautiful, and that so many of us are living, surviving, and thriving.

The Tragic Confluence of Guns, Kids, Mass Shootings, and Trans Identities

In the U.S., it’s more guns over children, with the extreme right continuing to say it’s not guns that kill, it’s sick people – like LGBTQ+ people – that do.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Gives Arkansas a Swirly with Anti-Trans Bathroom Bill

While the state's head in the proverbial toilet with dismal ratings, the governor flushes, prioritizing an anti-trans bathroom bill.

Millions of These LGBTQ+ Americans Could Be Missing in Population Estimates

The professional counting of queer people misses a huge segment of our community.

Why Do Gay Men Hate Gay Reality Stars?

The pile-on was almost immediate for The Real Friends of WeHo. But was the queer hate for the gay reality show irrational or appropriate?

What It's Like to Be an LGBTQ+ High Schooler in DeSantis's Florida

I’m directly affected by the authoritarian policies of our ambitious and ruthless governor.

The Looming Arrest of Donald Trump

Many of us assumed that once Trump was arrested our penance for suffering from him would end; however, we haven't even reached purgatory yet.

Should We Be Happy for Brendan Fraser?

Many thought the gay character Charlie in The Whale should have been played by a gay actor, but in the end it’s just a job, so does it really matter?

Besides Trans Hate and Drag Shows, This is the GOP's Big Priority

Could this House majority be any more useless?

To Have Better Gay Sex, Let’s Queer Consent

The rules can be different when it comes to queer pleasure, but it doesn't mean it shouldn't always be ethical.

New Topics, Same Tricks: Anti-LGBTQ+ Politicians Fall to Their Old Ways

"Our opponents may have lost the battle on marriage equality, but they are still doing what they do best: fabricating lies and spreading misinformation to undermine the rights of our community."

A Safe Place for Queers in a Metaverse Full of Mysteries

With Qtopia considered by many to be the "next big thing” and social meeting ground, Joshua “Zeke” Thomas, son of NBA legend Isiah, explains its part in a world for the next generation.

LGBTQ or LGBTQ+: Why All the Fuss About the +?

The community remains divided over whether or not to place the plus.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants Divorces? The Papers Are Already Filed

Why all the surprise about the idea of states divorcing? They are already trying to separate themselves from transgender people, drag queens, people of color, and the Chinese, to name just a few.

Have Don Lemon’s Missteps Made Him a Misfit for Morning TV?

If a morning show lacks chemistry between its anchors and doesn't coddle its audience, its ratings are doomed.