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Read the latest opinion pieces from political leaders, activists, and everyday queer people who want to express themselves in the leading publication for LGBTQ+ news and politics. Discover what people from our community have to say about issues and topics that touch the lives of the LGBTQ+ people and their allies. Find the voices of the people shaping our queer world right here.

Advancing equality during Disability Pride Month

July is Disability Pride Month, a time to celebrate progress in championing accessibility and equity. But, as Easterseals's President and CEO writes, more work is still needed.

Democrats' summer of discontent turns into a summer of love for both Biden and Harris

History won’t forget what Biden did, and the volatile summer of 2024. Hopefully, Harris can make us finally forget Donald Trump.

Two media insiders are forming a collective advocating for the community

The past decade saw incredible progress in LGBTQ+ representation in media, but recent trends show a concerning decline. Learn how the latest initiative strives to ensure LGBTQ+ stories and creatives can be celebrated and supported.

While the Lord Almighty speaks to Biden, it’s time to prepare for Harris

It’s time for Harris to lead us forward, and we pray to the Lord Almighty that she can go on and win the race, writes John Casey.

GOP VP picks Quayle and Palin were harmless, while JD Vance is poisonous

Republicans' history of picking novices as vice-presidential nominees continues with Trump’s choice of JD Vance, who is Quayle and Palin on steroids and amphetamines.

The answer to concerns about Joe Biden is obvious: Kamala Harris

A vote for the president is also a vote for his very capable vice president.

Bethel Park, Butler and Milwaukee, and how MAGA hate persists

Only a fool would believe that the attempted assassination of Donald Trump would stop MAGA hate because there is no MAGA without hate.

Judge Aileen Cannon is a redo of Annie Wilkes in 'Misery'

The jurist kept the Trump documents case tied up and then took a sledgehammer to justice.

The haunting true story of a gay man's murder that inspired Stephen King's 'It'

The murder of Charlie Howard rocked a small Maine town back in 1984. Forty years later, essayist Warren Carsten Andresen analyzes the media's impact in the days and weeks following the attack.

19 vice president picks for Donald Trump that would be better than JD Vance

These picks may seem nonsensical, but we guarantee that we put more thought into them than Trump did his.

Joe, the LGBTQ+ community loves and appreciates you more than you will ever know

During the last four years the president has done no wrong and everything right, and through herculean efforts, has rescued our democracy, John Casey argues.

The struggle to reclaim autonomy in the two-spirit movement

For centuries, two-spirit individuals have faced violence and assimilation. But today, activists are striving to reclaim their autonomy and preserve their legacy, writes Human Rights Watch's Abbey Koenning-Rutherford and Bria Nelson.

Biden’s campaign has become a series of competency tests and reality checks

Will every ensuing interview and speech be a test of Biden’s coherence and sense of reality?

LGBTQ+ community in Europe under siege as France faces far-right takeover

Far-right parties gain ground in Europe as LGBTQ+ rights are under threat. Learn how anti-LGBTIQ+ movements are reshaping politics across the continent.

What, to the Black trans woman, is the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is a day of national independence. But for Black trans individuals, it's a stark reminder of the contradictions between America's ideals and harsh realities.

The transgender community is facing a silent genocide in the U.K.

As the U.K. snap elections take place, a British-American trans woman reflects on the painful and lasting impact of the anti-trans movement in the country.

How Project 2025 darkens democracy on July 4, 2025

A year from now, will we have the far-right platform Project 2025 be the basis for America?

We need to reclaim pan-Africanism through love—for everyone

African LGBTQ+ people face violence, discrimination, and denial of their rights in the name of "African values." But love is a pan-African issue, writes Human Rights Watch's Larissa Kojoué.

Wake up, Democrats, and fight back against SCOTUS by stacking the court

President Biden spoke volumes last night contrasting himself with Trump, but he did not tell the American people what Democrats would do to counter the court's atrocious rulings.

32 photos celebrating 10 years of Braden Summers' ALL LOVE IS EQUAL campaign

It's been ten years since the photographer captured queer romance beginning with a striking image of two men holding hands in London.