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Read the latest opinion pieces from political leaders, activists, and everyday queer people who want to express themselves in the leading publication for LGBTQ+ news and politics. Discover what people from our community have to say about issues and topics that touch the lives of the LGBTQ+ people and their allies. Find the voices of the people shaping our queer world right here.

Admit It! We Have an Amazing President

If last night was a harbinger of Biden’s political future, he’s in the best shape of his life to run again.

Repeal HIV Criminalization Laws to End the Epidemic & for Racial Justice

For Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, let us stand in solidarity and work to repeal all HIV criminalization laws, Jose Abrigo and Carl Baloney Jr. write.

Schlapp, Santos, Black Men, and a Chinese Balloon

A hovering white bloat is a metaphor for white, conservative Christians floating over people of color.

2022 Was a Brutal Year for LGBTQ+ Youth — Will 2023 Be Different?

This year could be worse...

Minnesota Lawmaker Zack Stephenson on Coming Out as Bisexual

"Perhaps by coming out, I can make it different for someone else," Stephenson writes.

Creating a Fictitious Lesbian Love Between Laverne & Shirley

There was no LGBTQ+ representation on TV in the '70s, so you fantasized about what really happened in a hidden basement apartment.

A Few Minutes With LGBTQ+ Ally and Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown

He’s supported our community for decades, he's the only Democratic statewide official left in Ohio, and he's happy about the state having the first drag queen food truck.

The Battle of Wrongdoers: Supreme Court Versus House Republicans

It will be a neighborhood war of bad guys, but John Casey's bet is on the team with the robes.

Harnessing Our LGBTQ+ Cultural Vibrancy Will Help NYC Survive and Thrive

New York City's revival plans should include LGBTQ+ community, says Josh Wood.

Why Biden’s Document Dilemma Will End His Reelection Plans

Not his age, but the perception of doing what Trump did, and the ongoing drip, of news, including more documents found this weekend, will likely end Biden's reelection aspirations.

Family Equality: Ready for the Fight Ahead

Every LGBTQ+ person should have the right to start a family that is loved and supported by society — not targeted.

Tony Dungy and When Someone You Admire Turns Out to Be a Homophobe

The former Pittsburgh Steeler, NFL coach, and Hall of Famer is also an outspoken anti-LGBTQ+ provocateur and -- for some reason -- still an NBC football analyst.

Is George Santos Even Gay?

Michael Kelley, chairman of equalpride, thinks the embattled congressman should go through the rigorous vetting process that queer-owned companies endure.

Did the Respect for Marriage Act Displace the Equality Act?

A longtime LGBTQ+ activist contemplates whether perfection really is the enemy of progress.

What It’s Like to Watch 'The Whale' as a Queer Fat person

"Looking beyond these actors' undeniable talent, The Whale is heart-wrenchingly problematic, to say the least." 

The Damage to the U.S. Capitol Continues Two Years Later

Right-wing extremists are still holding democracy and the U.S. Capitol building hostage, but the structure and its dome, the beacon of freedom the world over, will outlast them all

Kevin McCarthy Is Still the Biggest Loser Even If He Wins

An abject and proven failure as a leader, he ended up doing nothing but continuing to appease the liars, the seditionists, and the barbarous members of his caucus.

New Year, New Chance to Save Mississippi Trans Youth

State legislators are trying to distract from systemic problems by scapegoating children, parents, and doctors.

Pope Benedict, aka 'God’s Rottweiler,' Seethed at Queers

Benedict's legacy won't be his resignation, rather his indignation towards the LGBTQ+ community's health, well-being, and marriages.

2022: President Joe Biden's LGBTQ-History-Making Year

By codifying marriage equality and calling for protections for trans people, Biden delivers for us again.