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Gray Christmas

Gray Christmas

Christmas isn't about perfection, one writer reflects. It's about family.

Michael Lucas The Problem With Putin

Michael Lucas: Putin Serenades Hollywood Lefties

Porn entrepreneur and Advocate columnist Michael Lucas says the celebrity embrace of the dictatorial Russian prime minister is disastrous.

Judy Shepard All in the Family

All in the Family

Judy Shepard advocates for the most important safeguard against LGBT suicide and substance abuse — family acceptance. 

Social Media Going Beyond the Gay

Going Beyond the Gay

Advocate columnist Jimmy Nguyen says efforts like It Gets Better and Lady Gaga's campaign to repeal "don't ask, don't tell" prove what happens when we stop preaching to the choir and reach out to the congregation.

The Majority Report

The Majority Report

In 2010 the number of Americans who support the moral acceptibility of gay and lesbian relations crossed the watershed 50% mark. With that comes new challenges and responsibilities for a community still struggling for its rights.

The Bully Pulpit

The Bully Pulpit

How the political retaliation against civil rights advances takes its toll in the school yard.

Michael Lucas Treat Pedophiles Humanely

Lucas: Treat Pedophiles Humanely

Porn entrepreneur and Advocate contributor Michael Lucas says the furor over an book on pedophilia highlights our society’s erroneous treatment of people with a terrible condition.

Naked Ambition The Porn Convention

Naked Ambition

Lesbian porn entrepreneur and Advocate columnist Jincey Lumpkin heads to Vegas for the unsexiest weekend of her life — the porn convention.

Tyler Perrys Down Low Hysteria

Tyler Perry's Down-Low Hysteria

Advocate contributor Darian Aaron says director Tyler Perry is fueling down-low hysteria and homophobia among black women in his latest film, For Colored Girls.

The Message from Iowa

The Message From Iowa

The National Organization for Marriage's insidious attack on the independent judiciary should give us all pause, writes Freedom to Marry executive director Evan Wolfson.

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