Daniel Reynolds

Daniel Reynolds is the associate editor of social media for Here Media, who writes about entertainment, health, and politics for The Advocate.  A native of New Jersey, he is rumored to be the real Keyser Soze.

Members of the gay community — and the bars that cater to it — worry about the social and economic impact of the drag show's time change.

March 24 2017 4:52 PM

The model and entertainer is fighting for trans lives in the U.S. and abroad in the Fusion docuseries Outpost.

March 24 2017 4:30 AM

Feminine-sounding men and masculine-sounding women are at a disadvantage in the workforce and society.

March 22 2017 4:34 PM

Despite the ballyhoo over LeFou's "gay moment," the Disney film had a record-breaking opening weekend.

March 20 2017 3:23 PM

While the press secretary said President Trump would denounce the assaults on LGBT centers, he also shrugged off responsibility.

March 16 2017 6:30 PM

The gay hookup app's inclusion of a PrEP "gaymoji" is a step forward in HIV prevention — and the latest iteration of a years-long awareness campaign.

March 15 2017 5:02 PM