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The gay pride parade is one of the biggest events of the year for the LGBT calendar. Founded in 1970 for the one-year anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, gay pride parades are a symbol of LGBT people’s unwillingness to remain in the closet any longer. And they aren’t all jockstraps and drag queens either—for their entire history, gay pride parades have always been a site of civic engagement, with a marked uptick in corporate participation in recent years. The Advocate has the best coverage of events the world over.

Members of the Wiosna political alliance stood alongside LGBTQ activists at a first-of-its-kind celebration, weeks after similar festivities were met with violence.

August 12 2019 11:29 AM

The organizer of the planned event in Modesto, Calif., made the admission in a wild City Council meeting.

August 09 2019 2:40 PM

Trudeau had a beer and posed for pictures with the happy hour crowd to kick off Vancouver Pride Week. 

July 30 2019 2:19 PM

The demonstration comes a week after a Bialystok event was met with violent counterprotests.

July 29 2019 7:39 AM

New York's event this year was a hit, and Copenhagen will host the 2021 festivities.

July 27 2019 2:41 PM

A new survey finds that 79 percent of LGBTQ want to see cops at Pride. Why does that seem so surprising? 

July 25 2019 1:56 PM