Catholic Church
The latest news about the Catholic Church and its stand on LGBT equality. Historically, the Catholic Church has taken a strong stance against the LGBT community, same-sex relationships, and issues of marriage equality. In recent years, the Church has been plagued by scandals regarding sex abuse cases between priests and children, with many criticizing the organization for sheltering the perpetrators. The Roman Catholic Church counts over one billion members worldwide, making it the largest Christian organization in the world. The Catholic Church is led by the Pope, also known as the Bishop of Rome.
Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the Catholic Who Suddenly Wants to Be Friends

13 Gift Ideas for Newfound Catholic Friends

Leaked by Seth Meyers last week, here is The Advocate's list of gift ideas for our newfound Catholic friends.

An Alternative Way to Be Catholic - and LGBT

An Alternative Way to Be Catholic — and LGBT

Churches in the Old Catholic and Independent Catholic traditions offer services that will be familiar to Roman Catholics, along with unqualified affirmation of LGBT people.

Hawaiian Bishop: Banning Marriage Equality Is 'Just Discrimination'

HI Bishop: Banning Marriage Equality 'Just Discrimination'

Bishop of Honolulu Larry Silva penned an open letter asking all Hawaiian Catholics to oppose marriage equality, saying it will lead to legal polygamy and incest.

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