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You've heard it before, "My best friend is (gay)/(trans)/(bi)(pansexual)!" Here's how to appreciate the sentiment instead of blowing a gasket.

June 24 2016 5:39 AM

When does an artist become too reprehensible to enjoy? Drew Kiser says it's a highly personal calculus.

June 24 2016 5:11 AM

The GOP's concern with civil liberties begins at the Second Amendment and ends somewhere near a public restroom. 

June 23 2016 5:50 AM

Orlando may be inundated with pro-LGBT imagery, but with our culture's collective short memory, we need those banners up as long as possible.

June 23 2016 5:24 AM

While cycling 545 miles across California to raise money for HIV services, Susan Freed felt the joy of shared experience.

June 22 2016 5:48 AM

Writing in The New Yorker, a Harvard professor suggested North Carolina officials have good reason to object to federal guidelines banning anti-trans discrimination. Another Harvard professor and a trans activist take umbrage.

June 21 2016 6:32 AM

Even with the world feeling more frightening lately, these women don't regret for a minute bringing more lives into it.

June 21 2016 6:07 AM