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Nathalie Huerta's LGBT-friendly gym in Oakland is not just a place of fitness, but a safe space and community gathering spot.

April 01 2016 5:46 AM

As Bisexual Health Awareness Month concludes, this writer reminds LGT people that bisexuals face enormous obstacles to well-being.

April 01 2016 5:32 AM

The response to marriage equality is being channeled into "religious freedom" bills and other underhanded acts of animus.

April 01 2016 5:11 AM

On International Transgender Day of Visibility, this southern trans man removes his armor and reveals his anguish over the ongoing attack on his people. 

March 31 2016 6:43 AM

More Americans than ever before say they know someone who is transgender. That's a great start, but securing full equality for trans people requires a deeper understanding, says this HRC staffer. 

March 31 2016 6:33 AM

Trans Day of Visibility is vital, but it will take legal might to end "bathroom bills" and other legislated animus.

March 31 2016 5:12 AM

Straight people control the narrative, which means Duke's camp role in Valley of the Dolls is lost in the remembrances.

March 30 2016 11:55 AM