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The Family Research Council, or FRC, is a conservative Christian group and lobbying organization formed in 1981 by James Dobson. The FRC promotes what it considers to be "traditional" family values, advocating and lobbying for socially conservative policies, especially those opposed to LGBT rights, abortion, divorce, and pornography. In 2010, the Southern Poverty Law Center classified the FRC as an anti-gay hate group, and we'll show you why. According to the Family Research Council, homosexual conduct is harmful to society at large, and can never be affirmed. In February 2010, the Family Research Council's Senior Researcher for Policy Studies, Peter Sprigg, stated on NBC's Hardball that gay behavior should be outlawed and that "criminal sanctions against homosexual behavior should be enforced." Learn more about this outrageous story.
WATCH: Marriage Ruling Means Schools Will Teach 'Immoral Sexuality,' Says Tony Perkins

Perkins: Marriage Means Schools Teach 'Immoral Sexuality'

This means it's time for Christian parents to remove their children from 'government schools,' Perkins tells antigay activist Gordon Klingenschmitt.

Duggar Family Hired Cops Investigating Them to Provide Security
July 01 2015 10:20 AM ET

Why the Duggar Family Pays the Cops Investigating Them

The Duggars and their 19 kids are counting on off-duty cops in Tontitown, Arkansas to provide security for the family.

Right Wing Vowing to Refuse and Resist

Right Wing Vows to Refuse and Resist

The right is also making comparisons to a pro-slavery decision and talking about 'disenfranchisement.'

WATCH: Funny or Die Envisions Parental Response to Josh Duggar's Sex Abuse Scandal

WATCH: The Duggars Respond — via Funny or Die

Josh Duggar just made a mistake — not like those hellbound homosexuals, Michelle and Jim Bob say in this Funny or Die spoof. 

Josh Duggar Resigns From Antigay Family Research Council Amid Sexual Abuse Allegations

Josh Duggar Resigns From Antigay Hate Group

Duggar, oldest son of the large and famously antigay family, has admitted to having 'acted inexcusably' as a teen.

Right-Wing Ad: Marriage Equality Will Cause Freedom's 'Extinction'

Ad: Marriage Equality Will Cause Freedom's 'Extinction'

Same-sex marriage may destroy America, says a scare-tactic ad by the Family Research Council.

LISTEN: Satan's Behind Marriage Equality, Says Former NFL Star

LISTEN: Satan's Behind Marriage Equality, Says Former NFL Star

Craig James wonders if sports teams' endorsement of equal marriage rights will silence players with opposing views.

Right-Wingers: Throw Out Pro-Equality Judges — or Ignore Rulings

Right-Wingers: Throw Out or Ignore Pro-Equality Judges

They're saying the judges don't have the right to establish marriage equality — under the Constitution or under God.

WATCH: Florida Wedding Planner Can't and Won't Work with Lesbian Couple

Fla. Wedding Planner Can't and Won't Work with Lesbian Couple

'Due to my strong personal belief I do not feel comfortable planning a wedding for lesbian couples,' the planner wrote. She also told the couple she was already booked for their requested date.

WATCH: Ted Olson Schools Tony Perkins on Constitution, Marriage Equality

WATCH: Ted Olson Schools Tony Perkins on Constitution

We have a Constitution override the will of the people when it discriminates, lawyer Olson tells the antigay activist.

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