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The Looming Arrest of Donald Trump

Many of us assumed that once Trump was arrested our penance for suffering from him would end; however, we haven't even reached purgatory yet.

'Equality Voters' Stopped the 'Red Wave,' Says New Poll

Voters who support LGBTQ+ equality played a key role in Democratic midterm victories, says the Human Rights Campaign.

This Incoming Gay Congressman Is Coming for Marjorie Taylor Greene

He's bringing a lot of energy the Georgia firebrand hates: He's gay, he's an immigrant, he became a U.S. citizen, and now he's headed to Congress.

LGBTQ+ Groups Celebrate 'Rainbow Wave' of Queer Candidate Victories

More than 430 out LGBTQ+ candidates won their elections in the 2022 midterms.

Nevada Voters Set to Pass Historic LGBTQ+ Protections

The state would be the first in that nation to expand LGBTQ+ rights protections in this way.

Meet the History-Making Class of the 2022 Midterms

Voters made known that in 2022 representation matters.

Erick Russell Is First Black Gay Statewide Elected Official

Russell has been elected Connecticut state treasurer.

Gay Republican Beats Gay Democrat in N.Y. Congressional Race

For the first time in U.S. history, two gay men faced off against each other in a national election.

Illinois Elects First Gay Congressman, Eric Sorensen

The gay Democrat prevailed over a far-right Republican.

LGBTQ+ Rights Icon Jim Obergefell Loses Election

The marriage equality activist came up short in his bid to get elected to Ohio's legislature.

Virginia Rep. Spanberger, an Ex-CIA Agent, Defeats Anti-LGBTQ+ GOPer

The Democrat held onto her seat against a far right-wing conservative candidate.

Pro-LGBTQ+ Agenda PAC Makes Its Mark With Political Victories

Pennsylvania's Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta sought to "beat beatable bigots," and he says the group helped do just that.


Maryland Elects First Black Governor, Pro-LGBTQ+ Wes Moore

Wes Moore is only the third Black governor in the United States.

A Vote to Defend Education and LGBTQ+ Youth Will Protect Democracy

Inclusive public education is the foundation of democracy.

TikTok Phenom Josh Helfgott Energizes a Queer Army for Election Day

The "Gay News" TikTok star is pushing his 5.1 million followers to head to the ballot box.

Out Oregon Governor Nominee Tina Kotek: Let's Not Take Right-Wing Turn

Kotek, who could be one of the nation's first lesbian governors, is stressing the differences between herself and Republican Christine Drazan.

Meet the Potential First Out State Reps in Alaska, South Dakota

There are four states with no out LGBTQ+ legislators, but that number could be cut in half with this year's election.

It's Time to Queer the Vote

Voting is important, but it's not enough -- we also must make politicians and media address the effects of actions that roll back our rights.

State ID Laws Could Decimate Trans Voting Power

With IDs that don't always represent who they are, transgender people are forced to decide between inaccurate representation or voting.

LGBTQ+ Voters Fast-Growing Bloc, Will Transform Electoral Landscape

The rising percentage of LGBTQ+ voters is expected to be a boon to Democrats, according to a new study.