Op-ed: What I Learned From My High School's Gay English Teacher

Op-ed: What I Learned in High School From a Gay Teacher

A straight high school junior in Lexington, Ky., gets a lesson in empathy from an out member of her school's faculty.

Kentucky Bill Would Allow Clerks to Deny Marriage Licenses to Same-Sex Couples

Kentucky Lawmakers Aim to Give Clerks Right to Discriminate

The proposed legislation aims to 'protect religious freedoms' of state government officials.

Kentucky Gov. to Defiant Clerk: License Same-Sex Marriages or Resign

Kentucky Gov. Tells Antigay Clerk: Comply or Resign

Clerk Casey Davis says his Christian beliefs won't allow him to serve same-sex couples, but Gov. Steve Beshear says he must do his job.

WATCH: Cops Respond to Kentucky Gay Couple Requesting Marriage License

Ky. Gay Couple Wanted to Marry, Got Cops Instead

A gay couple in Morehead, Ky., were denied a marriage license Monday by Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis — and they filmed the encounter while local police were called.

WATCH: Kentucky Clerk Defends Marriage Equality Opposition, Wants Licenses Issued Online

Antigay Ky. Clerk: God Wants Gays to Get Married Online

Casey Davis won't grant licenses for same-sex marriages because such unions go against God and nature, he says.

Kentucky County Clerk Sued Over Denial of Marriage Licenses

Kentucky County Clerk Sued Over Denial of Marriage Licenses

Two same-sex and two opposite-sex couples filed the suit Thursday against Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis, who had ceased issuing marriage licenses. Meanwhile, a Tennessee county sees an exodus of officials opposed to marriage equality.

Three Kentucky Counties Still Holding Out on Marriage Equality

3 Kentucky Counties Aren't Issuing Any Marriage Licenses

Despite orders from the state's Governor, Attorney General, and local attorneys, several Kentucky county clerks have stopped issuing marriage licenses altogether to avoid licensing same-sex couples.

Antigay Kentucky T-Shirt Maker Wins in Court

Antigay Kentucky T-Shirt Maker Wins in Court

A court ruled a Kentucky company owned by Christians had the right not to print gay pride T-shirts

Meet America's Transphobic 'Bathroom Cops'

Meet America's Newest 'Bathroom Cops'

Trans? Need to use the bathroom? Not if the potty police in these six states have anything to do about it!

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