Johnny Weir Comes Out Against Antifur Activists



Did you truly feel threatened by the backlash?
I absolutely felt threatened. If somebody is overzealous about a cause, it can get dangerous. I don’t know what kind of crazy people out there would want to harm me or my coach or my family. I’m going go with faux fur because I don’t want some crazy person throwing blood on the ice. I don’t want to end up like Monica Seles. And there’s a chance I may not wear the costume at all. It will all be a personal choice about what I look better in.

Inexcusable personal threats aside, some people do have a legitimate beef with the fur industry and the widespread abuse of animals that occurs. What do you say to them?
I’m knowledgeable about the fur industry. It’s a dirty business, but it’s a business; someone has to do it, and I don’t have a problem supporting it. It bothers me to think that people think I’m a horrible person, that I’m personally killing animals. I appreciate what they’re saying, but I appreciate a beautiful fur coat, I appreciate products made out of animals. I eat steak, I wear ice skates made out of leather, I have Ugg boots, so I guess I’m wearing sheep. I just don’t like how animal groups go crazy about a fox or a beaver but say nothing about cows dying for shoes. They always seem to pick the cutest animals. It’s not in my personality to back down ... if I did, I would have nothing done in my life.

So you’re not putting down the fur coat anytime soon.
I’m on the pro-fur side. That’s where I’ve always been. So not until I see a chinchilla wearing me.

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