You Can Play

The latest news about You Can Play, a social activism campaign that fights homophobia in professional sports. You Can Play was founded by Patrick Burke, Brian Kitts, and Glenn Witman, after the death of Burke's brother, Brendan, who was a gay hockey player. Wade Davis, a former football player, is the current director. The organization's goal is to prevent casual homophobia in the locker room setting through education, and to ensure that players are judged on their abilities rather than their sexual orientation. Many professtional NHL players have endorsed the organization, which is an official partner of the National Hockey League, including Rick Nash, Corey Perry, and Duncan Keith.

The Edmonton Oilers have become the first hockey team to show off the rainbow adhesive in support of diversity.

January 25 2016 3:38 PM

"If you can play, you can play," they insist, without saying the word "gay."

October 25 2015 5:07 PM

The captain of the Edmonton Oilers announced that he will be participating in this weekend's pride parade.

June 05 2014 2:21 PM

Athletes and coaches welcome LGBT students to the Catholic university's Fighting Irish sports teams.

May 05 2014 6:48 PM

The world is in a tizzy now that Michael Sam has come out.

February 13 2014 8:00 AM

You Can Play and the NFL announced a new initiative to create connections between LGBT youth and professional athletes.

December 04 2013 3:37 PM

The captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins says that having grown up in Canada, he doesn't understand why Russia is so opposed to LGBT equality.

August 26 2013 1:45 PM