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Viral Star Harper Watters Is More Than Pink Platform Heels

Many know him for his treadmill videos, but this dancer is as thoughtful as he is graceful.

Trans Man Jake Hofheimer on How Sports Helped Him Embrace Femininity

High school baseball player Jake Hofheimer explains how sports helped him become a better man by recognizing toxic masculinity.

These Lesbians Got Hot With Ice Cream

Meet the founders of Coolhaus, whose love story is as sweet as their ice cream empire.

Why LGBT People Are Turning to Buddhism

Qsangha, an LGBT meditation group, practices "softening fences" in this difficult time.

Meet L.A.'s Inspiring Trans District Attorney

"There is no trans agenda," Jessie McGrath says. "There's only a human agenda."

Poet Andrea Gibson on the Importance of Art in These Dark Times

Andrea Gibson is a poet and activist from Calais, Maine. Gibson's new album, Hey Galaxy, is released today. 


Rabbi Denise Eger Is an Inspiration for the Activist in All of Us

"When we put our face and name out there, we can change minds and hearts."

Meet Ritchie Torres, New York City's Youngest Out Politician

Ritchie Torres is an openly gay councilmember of the 15th District of New York City. Here's his story.

The Beautiful Message Behind L.A.'s Rainbow-Hued Lifeguard Tower

Watch the story of the couple who created this "rainbow lighthouse," and hear how it's different from LGBT monuments honoring darker times.

Inside L.A.'s Queer-Friendly Coffee Shop

 "We want people to get served coffee by a trans individual and have it not be a big deal," said one of the founders of Cuties, an unusual new coffee bar.

For Transgender Vet, Transition Marks End of '54-Year Nightmare'

Transitioning "is not a dream come true. It's a 54-year nightmare that finally comes to an end," says trans Navy veteran Marsha Morgan. 

Queer, Black, Cyclist, Activist: The Inspiring Journey of Tamika Butler

Tamika Butler was the executive director of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition. She's also a queer activist and ready for her new journey helping low-income communities of color.