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All the latest news, commentary, and analysis of issues that impact the transgender community. The Advocate provides up-to-date coverage from around the web about political, medical, and social developments that matter most to transgender people.

Joe Manchin joins Senate GOP to strip health care from transgender military members & their families

The former Democrat continues his right-wing inclinations.

Japanese court allows trans woman to legally change gender without surgery

The woman successfully argued that Japan's surgery requirement for receiving a legal gender change presented her with huge financial and physical burdens.

Utah drag queen Tara Lipsyncki was forced to sell her childhood home & go into hiding after far-right attacks

Tara Lipsyncki was harassed and doxxed to the point that she had to sell the home her mom left her after she died.

If you think Project 2025 is scary, take a look at Donald Trump's Agenda 47

If reelected, Donald Trump will "cut federal funding for any school or program pushing critical race theory or gender ideology" and "create a new credentialing body to certify teachers who embrace patriotic values."

Judge blocks Missouri AG from accessing medical records of transgender minors

Judge Joseph Whyte wrote that Missouri consumer protections do not require “blind obedience to the attorney general’s civil investigative demands."

White House clarifies support for gender-affirming care for transgender youth after backlash (exclusive)

The Human Rights Campaign led an effort to get the White House to clear up its previous statement opposing some treatment options for transgender Americans.

40+ queer-affirming pics of Toronto's Pride Parade and Trans and Dyke Marches

Toronto's queer community came together for several days last week with a massive street festival and celebrations of identity.

White House statement on transgender minors’ health care sparks outrage by LGBTQ+ rights groups

The Biden administration seems to be okay with some limits on bodily autonomy.

New York City promised to build a shelter for trans people. Activists are demanding it follow through

Activists protested on Friday to put pressure on New York City officials to follow their 2021 agreement by constructing four shelters for transgender and gender nonconforming people.

Trans nonbinary runner Nikki Hiltz dedicates record-breaking Olympic qualifier to 'all the LGBTQ folks'

Hiltz was in fourth place with 300 meters left before they suddenly accelerated past their competition, breaking the U.S. Olympic Track and Field trials record.

Joe Biden at Stonewall's 55th anniversary: The LGBTQ+ community ‘set an example for the world’

The president and first lady spoke at the birthplace of the modern LGBTQ+ rights movement a day after the first presidential debate.

The Advocates 2024: Drag king Mark Anthony

The U.K. performer is creating visibility and inclusivity for fellow cabaret artists who don't necessarily fit the mainstream mold.

Gender-affirming surgeries are mostly performed on cisgender people: 'Bitter irony'

Out of the 151 breast reductions that were performed in 2019 on American minors, 146 (97 percent) were performed on cisgender males.

The Advocates 2024: Admiral Rachel Levine

The first out transgender federal official continues to firmly stand her ground despite relentless far-right attacks.

Gender-affirming care case attorneys face Alabama federal judge over misconduct accusations

The 11 attorneys are accused of “judge-shopping.”

Sarah McBride is poised to be the first transgender member of Congress. Here's how she feels about it

She discussed her historic candidacy with The Advocate and her promise to advocate for her constituents.

Two years after Dobbs, the White House warns of Republican assaults on Americans' bodily autonomy

Democrats are reminding Americans that Republicans and the conservative U.S. Supreme Court stripped them of their previously held rights to reproductive access. Now other bodily autonomy rights could be next.

Bisexual and transgender adults report loneliness twice as much as straight adults: CDC

Bisexual and transgender adults also reported having the highest rates of stress, frequent mental distress, and histories of depression.

Our Lady J's Return to Music

The multi-talented writer, director, and musician is back with her first song in a decade.