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All the latest news, commentary, and analysis of issues that impact the transgender community. The Advocate provides up-to-date coverage from around the web about political, medical, and social developments that matter most to transgender people.

Trans Residents Turn to GoFundMe to Flee Florida

Many queer people, especially those in the trans community, feel threatened and unsafe.

'Don't Say Gay' Bill Signed in Iowa; GOP Gov. OK's Ratting on Trans Students

A new law allows teachers to tell parents if their kids change pronouns.

11 Trans and Nonbinary People Lost to Violence in 2023

The epidemic of fatal violence against this population continues.

Tennessee Sued Over Assault on Trans Health Care

This is unlawful discrimination, says the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund, which is representing two trans women in the suit.

Trans Youth Rebel Against GOP Attacks at D.C. Prom

The attendees included a Mississippi trans girl who wasn't allowed to wear a dress to her graduation.

Mississippi Trans Teen Misses Her Graduation After Judge's Transphobic Decision

She had filed a legal motion to allow her to wear a dress to the ceremony.

Nebraska Passes Laws Limiting Gender-Affirming Health Care and Abortion

The legislature overcame a filibuster against the legislation led by Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh.

Ted Cruz, Marsha Blackburn Demand Congressional Probe Into Bud Light-Dylan Mulvaney Campaign

The trade group for brewers should order Anheuser-Busch to sever ties with the trans influencer, the right-wing senators say.

Trans Disc Golfer Natalie Ryan Booted From Tournament

Ryan is fighting her sport's restrictions on trans women's participation but has lost a round in federal court.

Ohio Transgender Woman Not Guilty for Using Women’s Locker Room

Rachel Glines, 31, was found not guilty of three misdemeanor counts of public indecency.

Kim Petras Is Second Trans Model on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover

The Grammy winner, who just keeps making history, has also announced when her new album is coming out.

No Charges Against Police, Paramedics in Texas Trans Woman's Death

DeeDee Hall, 47, died last year after what her family calls callous treatment by first responders.

Supreme Court Ruling on Trans Immigrant Celebrated for Correct Pronoun Use

The court has apparently set a kind of precedent.

Kansas City Is Now Sanctuary City for Those Seeking Gender-Affirming Care

The action by Missouri's largest city comes as the state is about to enact restrictions.

Elliot Page Embraces Trans Joy With Shirtless Photo

The actor commented on how gender-affirming care has enhanced his life.

Florida Publix Refuses to Write 'Trans' on a Cake, Citing Company Policy

The employees told the customers that acknowledging trans joy is taking a stand on a political issue, which company policy forbids.

'L’immensità,' Starring Penélope Cruz, Explores a Trans Boyhood Story

The film is a semi-autographical tale from director Emanuele Crialese.

Washington Governor Signs Bill Protecting Transgender Kids from Estranged Parents

The law involves children who are housed at host homes.

How Amy Schneider and Mattea Roach Are Doing in 'Jeopardy! Masters'

They are representing — and performing well — in the quiz show's latest tournament.

North Dakota Governor Signs Bill That Outs Transgender Students

The legislation, which takes effect immediately, also restricts restroom use and allows teachers to ignore students' chosen pronouns.