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Love and Sex

Gay love has taken many forms in human history, from Socrates' mentorship of his younger lovers, to the artistic passion between Rimbaud and Verlaine, to modern-day gay celebrity couples and their adorable children. Despite what many hate groups would like to have you believe, gay love is just as natural and beautiful as straight, whether middle-school crushes or long-term relationships. The Advocate has all the latest on gay love and sex, from historical viewpoints of LGBT relationships throughout time to coverage of a Hollywood that is finally representing the diverse beauty of LGBT relationships.

Archaeologists Say They Found a 2,000-Year-Old Penis-Shaped Sex Toy

After realizing that they filed it away incorrectly, researchers believed they had a sex toy and not a mending tool on their hands.

Sonya Deville of WWE Fame Gets Engaged

The wrestling star, also known as Daria Berenato, will soon be a stepmom to her fiancé's children.

A Love Story That's Gay for Valentine's Day

To demonstrate that queer love is very much part of the traditionally hetero holiday, Corey and Andrew Hamilton tell us how they fell (and stay) in love.

Pamela Anderson Finds the Secret to Landing and Loving a Man

In a new book and documentary, the TV icon expounds on the elusive search for a partner and the freedom found in loving yourself.

26 Things Gay Sex Workers Want You to Know

Alexander Cheves has a few tips for those seeking services.

17 Iconic Same-Sex Couples Throughout History

Their love stood the test of time.

Just Deal With It: Married Same-Sex Couples Deal Better With Stress

A new study shows that married same-sex couples are more collaborative.

Cruising For Sex Is Back

12 Ways To Ask Your Boyfriend For A Threesome

Dancing, watching Queer as Folk together, or just asking a simple, straightforward question can help you have this conversation.

Gay Flirting Guide: 26 Ways to Master a Lost Art

Put down the smartphone and learn a lesson in making real-world love connections.