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Electing Out People Is Our Best Defense to the War Against Queer Youth

Queer and trans kids are under attack in every corner of our country. Without having a seat at the political table, the onslaught will continue.

National Out to Win Day: Shattering the 'Lavender Ceiling'

LGBTQ+ politicians have made great in-roads, but we remain severely underrepresented among the halls of power.

Kathy Kozachenko Proved It in '74—America Will Embrace Out Candidates

On the eve of National Out to Win Day, Victory Fund CEO Annise Parker urges all LGBTQ people to consider running for office. 

The Rainbow Wave Could Wash Over Red States

LGBTQ candidates are not just running for Congress and governorships -- they could remake legislatures in some of the most conservative states.

A Revolution in Trans Political Power

The LGBTQ Victory Fund's Annise Parker on the extraordinary victory of Christine Hallquist and what it portends.

Annise Parker's Post-Cakeshop Battle Plan

The former Houston mayor and current president of the LGBTQ Victory Fund is unbowed and wants you to be too.