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Gay Men and Sexism: Time to Accept Responsibility

If you're not speaking out against sexism, then you're letting it flourish.

Gay Voice at the Workplace: The Confidence Conundrum

Trying to be authentic in the office can be a struggle when you operate in a straight man's world.

Bringing Gay Power to the Boardroom

We've made great strides, but the glass ceiling persists. Here's what you can do to help break it.

Coming Out at Work Takes Many Forms

When you bust open the closet at your workplace, you're not just helping yourself, but your gay coworkers and even future LGBT colleagues.

Op-ed: Shame on Australia for Putting Equality to a Vote

This gay writer says his nation is failing him and the world.

Op-ed: The Marriage Ruling Is Message to the World

The global community was paying attention to our Supreme Court on Friday. This Australian believes the ruling should pressure the world, including his resistant home country, to embrace LGBT rights.

Op-ed: Why This Is the Year for Marriage in Australia

The nation has struggled with marriage equality for over a decade, but thanks to pro-LGBT campaigns and a little push from a faraway friend, change is coming.

Op-ed: Male-on-Male Sexual Harassment Is Real

This writer has a message for gay guys who aggressively proposition other men.