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READ: Madonna's X-Rated 'Advocate' Cover Story

After the icon's World Pride performance, venture back to 1991 with this epic conversation. Masturbation, sex toys, Warren Beatty's penis -- it's all in there.

7 Things to Remember When You Watch Porn

Gay porn is not reality, writes Don Shewey in his new book, The Paradox of Porn: Notes on Gay Male Culture. Read an exclusive excerpt here.

Stage Doubt, Screen Doubt

On Broadway, Doubt -- the story of a steely nun facing off against a heroic priest, whom she fixates on for giving special attention to the school's only black (effeminate) kid -- worked because of a top notch cast and its unique brand of stylized narrative. If only the excellent Meryl Streep and Viola Davis were enough to make the movie work quite so well.

A Hairy Mess

The poignancy of the iconic musical Hair is lost after decades of removal from the turbulent 1960s.

The New Century

Paul Rudnick's new play is a delightful treat even if it leaves you a little hungry

God Save the King

Christopher Marlowe's Edward II is revived by The Red Bull Theater in New York City and, as Don Shewey discovers, suffers from trying to make a gay play "gayer."

The Terrence Trifecta

Masterful acting keeps three plays by Terrence McNally from becoming cliche. But not even a porn star can save The Ritz.