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Op-ed: The Latest Tragedy for Black Gays in New Orleans

A recent fire at a Crescent City nightclub symbolizes the shrinking presence of the city's queer African-American residents.

Op-ed: Whither Gay Provincetown?

Provincetown, Mass., has long been 'our' place. Those days may be numbered, if the latest Carnival is any indication.

Op-ed: The Stonewall I Remember Wasn't Just White

This lesbian minister remembers the famous uprising and says it had as much to do with race as with sexual orientation.

Op-ed: Black Women, Gay Men Suffering at the Hands of Police

Media attention has focused on the mistreatment of African-American men by police, but black women -- and all minorities -- are suffering too.

Defining the movement for same-sex marriage

Many LGBT African-Americans are resisting the urge to equate the struggle for gay equality with the struggle for racial equality. It's not too late for everyone to find a common ground.