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When Politics Becomes Personal

The Republican mayor of San Diego upset the party line when he came out in support of same-sex marriage last year. Now Jerry Sanders is ruffling feathers again by fighting to beat Proposition 8.

Where we live

As the country opens its arms to openly gay and lesbian people, the places we call home have grown beyond urban gay ghettos. The Advocate welcomes you to this new American landscape.

Going steady with Antonio

Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is being described as a rising Democratic star, maybe even a future president. But will he keep his vision of total equality for gays and lesbians alive?

Kurt Wolf outed Mark Foley 10 years ago

Disgraced former congressman Mark Foley came out as a gay man on October 3 amid an Internet sex scandal. Journalist Kurt Wolfe says he gave Foley the opportunity 10 years ago.

New Orleans after Katrina: 'This is home'

A year after the hurricane devastated their community, many gays and lesbians are still struggling to rebuild. Others are deciding whether to come back at all.

What would Nathan do

The mysterious death of rural gay activist Nathan Christoffersen has had an unexpected effect: bridging the gap between gay and antigay. Could Nathan's life and death offer gay activists a path to reaching religious fundamentalists? Part 2 of a special Advocate investigation

Faith of his father

After rural gay activist Nathan Christoffersen's sudden death, a fundamentalist funeral erased his sexuality. But his passing is having an unexpected effect: bridging the gap between gay and antigay--beginning with Nathan's own father. Part 1 of a two-part special report on religion and homophobia

Kerry's courage

Lesbian teenager Kerry Pacer demanded to be treated fairly at her rural high school in northeast Georgia. She never imagined it would change her entire town--or inspire a nation

Being Wicked

The smash Broadway hit is in Los Angeles on its way around the country, and there's a lot in it for gays and lesbians to relate to

Can the Catholic Church be saved?

While most gay Catholics agree that the new pope is likely to be conservative, some find hope in a groundswell of support for gay equality in the parishes of Western nations

Benedict XVI: Still gays’ enemy?

Many gay and lesbian Catholics in the United States consider the election of Joseph Ratzinger--who has a long history of stomping on gay rights--a betrayal by the church. But that won't keep them out of the pews

People of the year: Mayors for marriage

During a year in which marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples played a major role on the political stage, three mayors were willing to lead the way by taking risks and challenging the system

Network Rejection

Myles Herman played one half of a gay couple in a television ad that was recently rejected by CBS and NBC. He says the networks misunderstood the message from the United Church of Christ.