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Past Perfect

Downtown Los Angeles hot spot Edison -- tucked in the depths of the historic Higgins Building -- is the showcase for a new hypersexualized vaudeville performance troupe.

All About 'Milk'

Let's use up all the journalistic cliches at once: For gays and lesbians it was a relatively slow news week, but they say, no news is good news. In the national mainstream press, Milk, the biopic of the San Francisco gay rights hero Harvey Milk starring Sean Penn, continues its run of heavy coverage and positive reviews.

Best of Times, Worst of Times

In the week after Barack Obama's historic victory, gays and lesbians are pondering another historic, albeit less victorious, moment of their own. Three anti-gay marriage propositions passed -- in Florida, Arizona, and California. In Arkansas gay people were barred from adopting children. Now the real fight begins.

Marriage on the Mind

Gay marriage is on everyone's mind in the week leading up to the presidential election.

Clay and Lindsay are Gay -- Shock!

Dear gay celebrities: We know. We have eyes. We can tell. We don't need announcements like the one on People featuring the oh, so obviously gay Clay Aiken, shouting from the cover, "Yes, I'm Gay." Or of Lindsay Lohan's casual admission of her relationship with Samantha Ronson. Heck -- MTV News wrote, "Lindsay Lohan has made being a lesbian an afterthought."

Back and Forth on Prop. 8

The presidential election is now being viewed via the prism of Sen. John McCain's choice for VP, Gov. Sarah Palin. This election can now be defined as pre-Palin and post-Palin. Plus: Prop. 8 attracts wads of money on both sides of the fence, schools weigh in on same-sex marriage, and Chicago looks to be getting a GLBT-only high school.

Many, Many Points for Us

It was a good week for gays in the news as Ellen and Portia marry, Rachel Maddow gets her own TV show, even Karl Rove says same-sex marriage is no longer a wedge issue, and Esquire asks the question, "What makes a lesbian top?"

The Floodgates Are Open

With same-sex marriage no longer grabbing front-page headlines and Lindsay Lohan's sexuality becoming old news, the media turns its attention to Obama, gay men who "suddenly realize they are straight," and some drag queens who were kicked out of Rockefeller Center.

Leave Lindsay Alone?

The media is especially light on Lohan and Ronson. What gives? Plus, Newsweek mirrors TheAdvocate's cover story on Lawrence King, the Democrats attack "don't ask, don't tell," and the isle of Lesbos hasn't seen this much action since Sappho

OK, candidates, what do you think of gay marriage?

In the aftermath of California's supreme court decision legalizing same-sex marriage, the media turns its attention to the presidential race ahead

Predator and Prey

Ashton and Demi, parodies on SNL, even a string of popular dating websites. The public is fascinated with older women who seek the company of younger men. But what about their sapphic counterparts? Tricia Romano tracks the growing phenomenon of the lesbian cougar.

The Whole World Is Watching

The media spotlight turned to California last week as the first marriages were performed. Although for the most part it was a rare glimpse at the human angle of our battle, sometimes their silence spoke louder than words

CA Marriage Is a Go!

Tricia Romano scours the mainstream media's coverage of last week's decision to legalize gay marriage in California. Here are the highs and lows