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Party Summer

Legendary rock musician Bob Mould and dance music veteran Richard Morel created an innovative new nightlife with their Blowoff parties in Washington, D.C., and then New York. Now they're taking the action on the road

She's Bringing Sexy Back

In this summer's Sex and the City, Kim Cattrall is back for more. But the woman who symbolizes sex with no strings isn't anything like her screen persona--except of course when she is.


An environment created by antigay postings on Internet blogs that spreads hate, produces fear, and is still protected by free speech.

Halloween: Is the Party Over?

Once a place for gays to parade the outlandish and the outrageous, Halloween street parties have been overrun by college kids and gangbangers, appropriated by stroller-pushing moms and out-of-towners, and regulated by angry residents and city officials. Have we lost Halloween forever?

Good as Gold

In her new book, 25 Questions for a Jewish Mother, lesbian comic Judy Gold laments that the joke is ultimately on her--she too is turning into her mother.