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The Pinking of Capitol Hill

The formation of an LGBT affinity group at the SEC and an LGBT congressional caucus presage a warmer atmosphere for gays in Washington.

The Other 48

If California indeed sets the pace in this marriage equality marathon, which states will be the next to cross the finish line?

A better man for Massachusetts

After four years of Mitt Romney and his antigay political maneuvers, gays and lesbians in the Bay State welcome progressive new governor Deval Patrick with open arms.

Like Father, Like Son

Retired Coast Guard officer Bill Shipley served and lived for decades in the closet before coming out--then he found out his son was gay.

Courtroom wrangler

Virginia trial lawyer Jill Jacobson was once a rodeo gal, riding broncos and roping calves. Her stint inside the ring prepared her well for the high-stakes world of corporate defense.

Man with a mission

The author of a new book says he was infected with HIV by a priest who sexually abused him in 1977. Could this be the start of a new Catholic Church scandal?

Spiritual about AIDS

Michael McColly's spiritual journey began in an unlikely place.

Caught in the political crossfire

After his Democratic opponent appeared on Rachel Maddow's Air America show in May, Ohio congressman Bob Ney tried to derail his campaign by painting him as a radical for talking to the openly lesbian radio host, whom he deemed a "cross-dressing lesbian" and a "transgender king." Now Maddow responds.