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Beverly Hills Hotel

Re-Boycott the Beverly Hills Hotel and Its Gay-Stoning Bruneian Owner

Sharia law goes into effect next week, mandating a grisly death for LGBTQ people and adulterers.

PHOTOS: Stars Join Beverly Hills Hotel Boycott

The red carpet at the opening for Lisa Vanderpump's new WeHo lounge, Pump, was abuzz about another property currently in hot water -- The Beverly Hills Hotel, owned by the sultan of Brunei, who recently implemented Sharia law in his Asian nation. 

Op-ed: When Companies Pretend to Be LGBT-Supportive

Los Angeles leader Lorri L. Jean takes the sultan of Brunei to task but urges us to remember there are plenty of other companies out there that have lackluster records on LGBT rights.

PHOTOS: Protest Against Sultan-Owned Beverly Hills Hotel

Dozens demonstrated on Monday in front of the "Pink Palace" to voice anger at the owner, the Sultan of Brunei, who's ready to stone people for gay sex and adultery.