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Cameron Esposito

The latest news about Cameron Esposito, the up-and-coming lesbian stand-up comedian. Aside from her long list of festival appearances -- including Women in Comedy, SXSW and Bridgetown -- Esposito has launched The Feminine Comique, a beginner's course for women in Chicago that "strives to give female performers the confidence and skills they need to begin a career in standup comedy." Since moving to Los Angeles, she's become a favorite at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater with her stand-up showcase, Put Your Hands Together. Every Tuesday at UCB, Esposito hosts an impressive mix of huge stand-up stars like Maria Bamford and Aziz Ansari as well as new talent on the rise.

Cameron Esposito on Releasing a Comedic Memoir During a Pandemic

The out performer's new book, Save Yourself, is a quarantine must-read. 

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In 'Take My Wife,' Lesbian Comics Show Marriage Can Be Funny

Every marriage should have as many laugh lines as the one between Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher. 

Female Ghosts Are Totally OK With Lady Ghostbusters

Harriet Tubman, Annie Oakley, Cleopatra, and Amelia Earhart all agree: Female Ghostbusters are just fine. 

Cameron Esposito's New Comedy Album Will Make You a Believer

The lesbian comedian and her side mullet are taking the comedy world by storm with a number 1 album on iTunes.

Op-ed: What I Didn't Learn in Catholic School

Comedian Cameron Esposito explains why comedy has become her new religion.

WATCH: Jay Leno to Lesbian Comedian, 'You're the Future'

Lesbian comedian (and Gaysayer favorite) Cameron Esposito made her late-night television debut last night on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and it could not have gone better. Even Jay Leno had to chime in.

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Especially if you are a straight man.

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