A representative told the United Nations there was no evidence of a "gay purge."

May 15 2018 3:50 PM

Human rights groups are still calling on Russia to act in response to reports of gay concentration camps.

April 06 2018 6:34 PM

There were many to choose from, but Chechnya's Ramzan Kadyrov gets the title of Phobie of the Year.

December 21 2017 10:56 AM

Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov has overseen “an administration involved in disappearances and extrajudicial killings,” Treasury Department officials said.

December 20 2017 3:04 PM

A bipartisan resolution sailed through both houses of Congress, yet the president has never uttered a peep about the kidnapping and murder of gay men in the Russian region.

November 01 2017 5:06 PM

Maxim Lapunov is the first to formally alert Russian authorities of the region's queer persecution.

October 17 2017 4:15 PM