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Russian Authorities Detain Gay Refugee, Activists Fear He's Being Tortured

He arrived in Russia from Europe to attend his father's funeral after fleeing the region in 2018 due to persecution because he's gay.

Chechen Warlord Who Assisted in Antigay Purge Killed in Ukraine

His security operatives have been involved in interrogating detained LGBTQ+ people, according to human rights groups.

Gay Brothers Detained in Chechnya Go on Hunger Strike

The two fled the Russian region after its anti-LGBTQ crackdown but were arrested and sent back to face what local activists have called fabricated terrorism charges.

Ronan Farrow to Present Peabody Award to 'Welcome to Chechnya'

The 2020 HBO documentary documented the horrific state-sponsored gay purge taking place in the Chechen Republic.

Chechen Crackdown Continues With Persecution of Gay Men's Families

Two gay brothers have been detained for a month on charges their family says are fabricated, and more than 20 of their relatives were interrogated by police this week.

Teen Who Criticized Chechnya's Leader Forced to Film Self-Rape

Salman Tepsurkayev's forced apology to Ramzan Kadyrov and self-harm has sparked renewed calls for change.

David France on Documenting Chechnya's LGBTQ+ Resistance

Risking his life, a director and his camera went underground in Chechnya to document the horrific realities facing LGBTQ+ people.

Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov Reportedly Hospitalized in Moscow

Kadyrov is the mastermind behind gruesome anti-LGBTQ+ purges haunting the lives of queer people in Chechnya. 

'Welcome to Chechnya' Trailer Highlights Hidden Gay Atrocities

After exploring the AIDS crisis and the life of Marsha P. Johnson, filmmaker David France is back.

Gay Chechnya Survivor Receives Standing Ovation at Sundance

Maxim Lapunov, featured in David France's Welcome to Chechnya, could barely crawl when he was released from detainment in the antigay territory.

A Gay Reporter Travels to Chechnya to Document the Horror Firsthand

ABC News foreign correspondent James Longman not only reported on the antigay terror in Chechnya, he became part of the story.

Russian Site Encouraging the Hunting of LGBTQ People Taken Down

The Saw-inspired site published personal details about LGBTQ individuals and activists. It's now down. 

Activists Helping Gays Escape Chechnya Face Threats, Home Invasions

Human rights volunteers say Russia has failed to properly investigate these incidents or the continued arrests of gays and bisexuals in Chechnya.

A New Gay Crackdown in Chechnya Has Been Confirmed

Men detained in recent months describe torture, including electric shock and being raped with a stick, as police demanded they turn over names of gays, according to the Human Rights Watch. 

Chechen Man Reportedly Caught in Gay Purge Will Sue for Slander

Bekkhan Yusupov says he's not gay and assertions that he is destroyed his reputation.

Under Trump, U.S. Is No Refuge for LGBTQ Chechens

The U.S. has not offered asylum to any Chechen fleeing anti-LGBTQ persecution and has become increasingly hostile to those seeking it.

Women Being Sexually Assaulted in Chechnya's Anti-LGBTQ Purge

Women are being raped with "electric shock sticks," activists say.

Chechnya's New Antigay Crackdowns Lead to Two Deaths, 40 Arrests

The Russian LGBT Network on Monday said new waves of persecution started with the arrest of a social media group administrator.

Antigay Purge Flares Up in Chechnya, Activists Say

The Russian republic's antigay crackdown has been going on for two years, but there has been a spike in detentions since December.


Report: No Denying Chechnya Tortured Gay Men and Russia Allowed It

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe points the finger at Vladimir Putin.