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Dana Goldberg

Comedian Dana Goldberg Launches 'Rooftop Rants' While Stuck at Home

Goldberg takes on the politics of the times while two-fisting wine in her bathrobe on the roof of her home. 

Comedian Dana Goldberg Isn't Holding Anything Back

Guess what happens when this Jewish lesbian walks into a bar?

Dana Goldberg Takes on Her Internet Trolls

Our resident comedian responds to her critics, savagely.

'Out In Left Field': Dana Goldberg and Guy Branum on SNL's Gay Problem

Comedians Dana Goldberg and Guy Branum discuss Alec Baldwin's controversial tweets and Ricky Gervais's notorious comedy special.

Breaking Down Mike Pence's Hypocrisy, Courtesy of Dana Goldberg

Our resident comedian calls out the VP, who brands himself as having strict Christian values but works under the most un-Christian man ever.

'Out in Left Field': Dana's Threesome With Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin

YouTubers and New York Times best-selling authors Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin sit down with Dana Goldberg to discuss sexuality and empowered women.

Dana Debunks 3 Stereotypes Straight Men Have of Lesbians

Comedian Dana Goldberg has a lesson for the oblivious.

Dana Goldberg Debunks Lesbian Sex Myths

Comedian Dana Goldberg explains scissoring, tops and bottoms, strap-ons, and more, all in 60 seconds!

Dana Goldberg Debunks Lesbian Dating Myths (In 60 Seconds)

For Out in Left Field, Dana debunks her (least) favorite lesbian dating myths... all in 60 seconds.

'Out in Left Field' With Dana Goldberg: Dana Celebrates #NoMoreRoyMoore

Dana thanks the black women of Alabama who kept a bigot from the Senate. Also, comedian Sampson McCormick talks about performing in front of the KKK.

'Out in Left Field' With Dana Goldberg: No More Roy Moore

In this episode, comedian Dana Goldberg roasts the homophobic bigot that is Roy Moore and then Conrad Ricamora (How to Get Away With Murder) shares how he views his role as an out actor.

'Out in Left Field With Dana Goldberg': Dana v. Roy Moore

Dana gives her top three reasons to not vote for Senate candidate Roy Moore and discusses Harvey Weinstein and #MeToo with The Advocate's feminism editor, Tracy E. Gilchrist.

'Out in Left Field' With Dana Goldberg: Dana on the Caitlyn Jenner Controversy

On this episode, Dana Goldberg talks Fox News, Hillary Clinton, and Caitlyn Jenner controvery with transgender activist Ashlee Marie Preston.

'Out in Left Field': Dana on Pence, Weinstein, and Coming Out Day

For this episode, Dana talks Mike Pence's NFL publicity stunt, Trump's hypocrisy on Harvey Weinstein, and Coming Out Day with Major Crime's Jonathan Del Arco.

'Out in Left Field': Dana v. Milo and Jared Kushner

For this episode, Dana takes on Jared Kushner's mistaken gender, Milo Yiannopoulos's marriage, and women's sports with her guest, comedian Erin Foley.

'Out in Left Field With Dana Goldberg': Dana Takes on Trump's Bullying

On this episode, Dana discusses Melania Trump's antibullying campaign and talks with Celebrity Fit Club host and comedian Ant.

'Out in Left Field with Dana Goldberg': Dana and Sodomites

On this episode, Dana talks sodomy, Ted Cruz's love of porn, and Roy Moore with her guest, pioneer lesbian comedian Suzanne Westenhoefer.

'Out in Left Field With Dana Goldberg': Dana Takes on Faith-Based Homophobia

In this episode, Dana talks about a gay couple who oppose same-sex marriage, the anti-LGBT Nashville Statement,  and how to be a good parent of faith to LGBT kids with guest Susan Cottrell.

'Out in Left Field With Dana Goldberg': Dana vs. 'Creepy' Ted Cruz

On this week's episode, Dana takes on Ted Cruz's hypocrisy during Hurricane Harvey, megachurches, and breast cancer with her guest, House Hunters star Suzanne Whang.

'Out in Left Field With Dana Goldberg': Dana Talks Impeachment

On this episode, Dana takes on Trump's possible impeachment, the Texas bathroom bill, and Confederate flags with her guest, Transparent star Ian Harvie.