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Josh Cavallo Challenges FIFA to Accept LGBTQ+ Players and Fans

The professional soccer player is using his voice to fight for change.

U.S. Men's Soccer Team Shows LGBTQ+ Support in Qatar

Several Western teams have decided to show their support for LGBTQ+ communities worldwide at the World Cup in Qatar, where homosexuality remains illegal.

LGBTQ+ Soccer Fans Should 'Be Respectful' in Qatar, Says U.K. Official

The comments, made by the British foreign secretary, come as the World Cup is set to take place in Qatar, a country where homosexuality is criminalized.

LGBTQ+ Rights Activist Stopped in Qatar Ahead of World Cup

British activist Peter Tatchell says he was stopped for holding the first pro-LGBTQ+ protest in any Gulf state.

Report: Gay Couple Attacked in Russia While Visiting for World Cup

One of the men suffered serious head injuries in the St. Petersburg attack and required hospitalization.

LGBT Fans Warned to Use Caution at World Cup in Russia

Displays of same-sex affection may not be welcome, and racial and ethnic minorities could face harassment, warns an antidiscrimination group.

Is Antigay Qatar Too Hot to Host World Cup?

With the nation's extreme climate issues, migrant worker problems, and criminalization of homosexuality, Qatar's bid to host the 2022 World Cup is not looking good.

Op-ed: Finding Empowerment Through Futbol

How one LGBT fan found empowerment through her favorite team, which happens to be in the World Cup final Sunday.

Russian Priest: Colorful Shoes Make Soccer a Gay Abomination

The hairstyles and shoes soccer players wear apparently make the sport an 'abomination.'

FIFA Execs Can't Agree On What World Cup Homophobia Looks Like

Two of the top officials at soccer's world governing body see homophobic slurs at matches through vastly different lenses.

World Cup: In The Locker Room

Thanks, Instagram, for giving us a peek into what's going on off the field in Brazil.

World Cup Teams May Face Penalties for Slur-Slinging Fans

Two teams competing in the World Cup are under investigation after their fans used slurs against opponents.

World Cup Players, Fans Urged to Stop the Slurs

Now that the World Cup is under way, the attitude on the field and in the stands must be addressed.