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Mormon Church

The gay rock star finally feels safe in the band he helped form.

August 25 2020 1:05 PM

A crowdfunding campaign was launched to help LGBTQ students leave Brigham Young University.

March 06 2020 1:25 PM

The Mormon university's shifting decisions about its Honor Code highlight an unceasing animus, writes a former professor.

March 05 2020 9:58 AM

Students are celebrating a new "Honor Code" without the ban, but some fear the school will still punish such actions.

February 20 2020 2:27 PM

A new church handbook lays out plans to crack down on gender transition, be it medical or social.

February 19 2020 3:45 PM

A whistleblower contends the church isn't spending members' funds strictly on religious and charitable purposes as required by its tax-exempt status.

December 17 2019 3:13 PM

Leaving the Mormon faith helped him accept his sexuality, he said at the Encircle Summit in Utah. 

December 09 2019 9:25 AM