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fourteenth amendment

New Hampshire classroom censorship law is unconstitutional, federal judge rules

The vague law, aimed at discouraging the teaching of issues around race, sex, LGBTQ+ identity, and more, is an impediment to education, according to the judge.

California Judge Halts School Policy Outing Trans Students for Now

The judge found the policy violated the state constitution by discriminating based on the student’s sex.

Tennesseans Can No Longer Update Gender Markers on Official Documents

As of July 1, only one’s sex assigned at birth as reflected on a birth certificate can be noted on identification documents in Tennessee.

Trans Woman Living with HIV Held in Solitary Confinement for Six Years Sues

The lawsuit seeks a change in policy plus monetary damages.

Tennessee’s Ban on Gender-Affirming Care Challenged by Department of Justice

The DOJ is looking to join a suit brought by Tennessee families.