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house republicans

House Republicans are 'obsessed' with attacking LGBTQ+ people, say Democratic lawmakers

GOP lawmakers should lay off the assault on LGBTQ+ rights, the Congressional Equality Caucus says in a new report.

Watching the 'Armageddon' of the House GOP and Speaker Johnson

Only House Republican extremists survive by playing games with the role of speaker — Johnson is doomed — and more disastrous, triggering a government shutdown and refusing war aid, creating a doomsday scenario ahead for the GOP.

Republicans Again Try to Use Gov't Funding Bills to Target LGBTQ+ People

Late-night amendment to halt anti-discrimination orders follows a disturbing pattern of defunding LGBTQ+ projects.

House Republican ‘Terrorists’ Target LGBTQ+ Community Center Funding in ‘Unprecedented’ Move

Democrats in the House of Representatives are livid and have called out their GOP colleagues.