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middle east

Digital persecution of LGBTQ+ individuals in the MENA region

LGBTQ+ individuals in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region face imprisonment and violence for expressing their identities online, while major platforms like Meta fail to protect them. Human Rights Watch's Rasha Younes writes on how we can create safer digital spaces for LGBTQ+ individuals.

It’s time for women to lead the world to peace

Men have led us to war, death, and destruction. It's time for a new way.

Former CIA Director John Brennan on Mike Johnson, America’s Terrorist Threats, and Donald Trump

In a wide-ranging interview, Brennan talks about the Gaza war, domestic terrorism, Speaker Johnson's extremism, and the mortal danger to the U.S. if Trump is reelected.

Gay Jewish Lawmaker's Apartment Targeted With Anti-Semitic Graffiti

Maryland Delegate Joe Vogel’s vandalized residence reflects a grim ripple effect as experts warn of escalating inter-community conflicts with the ongoing Middle East turmoil.