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Republicans running for governor are some of the most extremist candidates in the country. Here they are

The Advocate reviewed the anti-LGBTQ+ records of some of the country’s most prominent GOP candidates for governor. It's not pretty...or accepting.

Federal judge blocks Title IX protections for transgender students in four states

Judge Terry A. Doughty said the rule goes against the original purpose of Title IX by protecting trans students, so he blocked its enforcement in Louisiana, Mississippi, Idaho, and Montana.

Republican congressman wants to limit IVF access to married heterosexual veterans only

He claimed, falsely, that children of opposite-sex couples fare best in life.

Nine GOP-led states sue Biden administration over new transgender protections under Title IX

These Republican-controlled states are fighting to discriminate against students.

These 9 states have the chance to protect abortion this election — Here's what you can do

Constitutional amendments to protect abortion are on the ballot in 4 states, and 5 other states still need your signature.

Montana issues rule banning gender marker changes on birth certificates

The new rule mirrors an old rule which was defeated in court.

Homophobia causes 'crisis of morale' in Montana school system

The controversy in Frenchtown started when parents wanted to remove their kids from the classroom of a teacher who's in a same-sex marriage.

Pornhub blocks access in two states after age verification laws take effect

Viewers in North Carolina and Montana are no longer able to access Pornhub as the platform protests the states' age verification laws.

10 States That Passed the Worst Anti-LGBTQ+ Laws in 2023

2023 was a record year for anti-LGBTQ+ legislation at the state level. Here's a look at the worst of many heinous bills.

Why Montana’s Two-Spirit People Are Challenging A State Law Defining Sex as Binary

“We don’t ascribe to just simply biologic definitions. We acknowledge that there are different genders, and our cultures have always known that there are more than two genders," said Montana Two-Spirit activist David Herrera.

Montana Court Dismisses Transgender Legislator Zooey Zephyr’s Lawsuit

State Rep. Zooey Zephyr had sued over being disciplined in the legislature after she called out GOP lawmakers for attacking gender-affirming care.

Transgender Montana Legislator Zooey Zephyr Unsilenced and Unyielding at Equality Convention

Fresh from a controversial legislative session, Zooey Zephyr discusses her commitment to advocacy and representation at the Human Rights Campaign Equality Convention.

Montana's Drag Show Ban Still Blocked in New Court Ruling

The ruling continues a stay that saved Helena Pride.

Montana Rep. Zooey Zephyr Says She's 'Thankful' After Judge Blocks Trans Care Ban

It “is unlikely to survive any level of constitutional review,” a state court judge wrote.

How Teachers Are Being Silenced on LGBTQ+ Issues and More

In addition to laws that directly forbid mention of certain subjects, more subtle laws are having a negative impact, says a recent report from PEN America.

Texas Is Now the Most Populous State With a Trans Health Care Ban: Here’s the Full List

As of Friday, gender dysphoria can’t be treated medically by physicians in Texas if the patient is a minor.

Montana's Drag Ban Blocked, Just in Time for Helena Pride Event

The block is temporary, but Pride will go on.

Montana City Could Refuse LGBTQ+ Pride Parade Permit Over Drag Ban

The group joined a lawsuit challenging the state’s restriction on drag performances.

Montana Trans Woman, Bookstore, and More Sue Over Anti-Drag Law

The ban on drag story hours and other performances is blatantly unconstitutional, according to a coalition of individuals and institutions.

Gender-Affirming Care Bans Often Modeled by Anti-LGBTQ+ Groups: Report

Their language is identical or similar to that endorsed by the Family Research Council and a newer group called Do No Harm.