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Three years after he came out, Carl Nassib opens up

In a candid interview with The Advocate, the former NFL star talks about fair-weather brands, Harrison Butker’s comments, the Trevor Project, and Rayze, his new passion project.

NFL rejects Harrison Butker's transphobic, sexist graduation speech remarks

The league's chief diversity officer said Butker's views do not represent the organization.

Harrison Butker’s ‘inaccurate, ill-informed and woefully out of step' sexist speech is fact-checked by GLAAD

LGBTQ+ media advocacy group GLAAD issued a fact-check calling out some of the false and misleading things the ultra-conservative Kansas City Chiefs player said during a graduation ceremony.

Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker goes on transphobic, sexist rant during graduation speech

The kicker spoke at Benedictine College and told women to stay in their place while calling LGBTQ+ people ‘deadly sins.’

Can Taylor Swift bring the gays to the yard line?

The world's most famous woman and proud LGBTQ+ ally has brought a dose of estrogen to an institution dripping in toxic masculinity.

Former NFL player Ryan O’Callaghan talks Super Bowl, gay NFL players, and what will happen to Bill Belichick

O’Callaghan said that we’re reaching a point in society when younger people don't feel the need to play football only as a cover like he did to hide his sexuality.

16 Gay NFL Cheerleaders We Are Happy To Cheer On

These out-and-proud cheerleaders are bringing some much-needed LGBTQ+ representation on the field!

Who Is Retiring NFL Player Carl Nassib?

The out football player made strides for representation in professional athletics.

Carl Nassib Announces Retirement From NFL

The first out gay player in the NFL hangs up the cleats after seven seasons.

NFL Coach Kevin Maxen Comes Out as Gay

The Jacksonville Jaguars strength coach is believed to be the first out male coach in professional men’s sports.

First Transgender NFL Cheerleader Stands Proud in Face of Hateful Trolls

She wrote about her love for movement and expression and the trolls who would try to steal her joy.

Retired NFL Player Accused of Attacking Queer Son, Son's Boyfriend

Former Indianapolis Colts player Joe Staysniak is charged with battery and strangulation.