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LGBTQ+ Young People with Disabilities Have Higher Risk of Mental Health Struggles

The Trevor Project’s latest study highlights increased rates of depression, anxiety, and suicidality among LGBTQ+ youth with disabilities, emphasizing the need for inclusive mental health support and affirming environments.

Gender-Affirming Care Access Improves Mental Health: Study

The faster a transgender patient receives access to care, the quicker their levels of suicidal ideation and gender dysphoria decreases, according to researchers.

80% of Transgender Americans Have Considered Suicide: Study

The data from UCLA Law School’s Williams Institute study showed that more than 80 percent of trans adults have considered suicide.

Southern Queers: New Study Reveals the Reality of LGBTQ+ People in the South

While bucking some stereotypes, the study emphasizes the need for LGBTQ+ safe spaces in southern states.

Transgender People Are the Most Communicative Daters: Study

Because transitioning is usually a public process, trans people seem to understand how to have intimate talks with people about themselves and thus express their desires and expectations.

LGBTQ+ Youth Are Uncomfortable in Their Own Skin: Study

The number of trans and nonbinary young people who reported being dissatisfied in their bodies was even greater than their cisgender peers.