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united methodist church

A Methodist pastor was defrocked 20 years ago for being gay. She's finally been reinstated

Beth Stroud said her "whole life would have been different" had she not been removed from her position in the church.

United Methodist Church ends 40-year ban on LGBTQ+ clergy

The church has long been divided into factions over its stance on homosexuality and gay clergy and even weighed splitting into two separate churches over the issue.

Why is the United Methodist Church meeting over LGBTQ+ rights?

Delegates at the church's General Conference are likely to vote to rescind anti-LGBTQ+ policies, but it's not a done deal.

Meet the transgender minister representing LGBTQ+ rights in Georgia

Rev. Andi Woodworth was the first out trans pastor to lead the Georgia House in prayer — and believes she helped turn back some anti-trans legislation.

One-Fifth of United Methodist U.S. Congregations Leaving Over LGBTQ+ Issues

Most of those leaving are conservative, as it's expected the church will soon adopt more LGBTQ-affirming policies.