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Donald Trump Has $9 Billion to Spend on New Presidential Campaign

Donald Trump Has $9 Billion to Spend on Presidential Bid

The entrepreneur, real estate mogul, reality TV host and perpetual almost-candidate declared he is running for the White House because U.S. leaders are 'stupid.'

Popular Mayor in Indiana Is Out

Popular Mayor in Indiana Is Out

The mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg, chose to reveal his sexuality in an op-ed published in the local newspaper.

Mike Huckabee Transphobia Fallout Continues: Nonprofit Cancels Their Speech Invite

Huckabee Disinvited to Speak After Transphobic 'Joke'

Though Mike Huckabee says he has no regrets about his antitrans jokes, Canada's Jewish National Fund appears to regret scheduling him at a benefit dinner.

Who Are the 44,500 Who Say They'll Go to Jail to Fight Marriage Equality?

Antigay Protesters Vow to Ignore Marriage Equality Laws

Two conservative presidential candidates, a disgraced former congressman, antigay pastors, and the Duggar family are among those who vow to defy the Supreme Court.

Surprising No One, Jeb Bush Announces Presidential Campaign

Jeb Bush Finally Admits He's Running for President

With a sigh, the former Florida governor said the words he's been holding back for months: He's running for president.

Gay Calif. Republican Who Lost Election Was Smeared by a Liar

Gay Calif. Republican Who Lost Election Was Smeared by a Liar

Carl DeMaio narrowly lost the election to represent California's 52nd Congressional District last year, just days after his opponent went to police with a erroneous accusation of sexual harassment.

House Democrats Deny Obama Deal to Create Global Trade Pact

Democrats Defy Obama, Block 'Antigay' Trade Pact

House Democrats rebuffed a direct personal appeal by President Obama for his controversial trade deal that would align the U.S. with Malaysia and Brunei.

WATCH: Why Is Sen. Lindsey Graham Single? According to Gina Yashere, 'He's Gay'

TV Comic: Lindsey Graham Is Single 'Because He's Gay'

According to The Nightly Show, the reasons for the South Carolina senator's lifelong bachelorhood are actually quite obvious.

Senator Caught on Hot Mic Calling Lindsey Graham a 'Bro With No Ho'

Who Called Lindsey Graham a 'Bro With No Ho?'

Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois is in hot water after being caught on a hot mike making a salacious comment about fellow Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Op-ed: Don't You Dare Forget About Frank Kameny

Op-ed: Don't You Dare Forget About Frank Kameny

The highest-ranking gay staffer at the Department of Labor says it's high time to #ThankFrank.

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